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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What's On Your Wall Wednesday Thanks for hosting a beautiful spring What's on Your Wall Wednesday!!! We took this photo a couple of years ago at the Arboretum in Kansas City, Kansas. It was a beautiful fall day, actually I think maybe Thanksgiving, or at least that weekend. It is a good photo of DH, me, and his Lady.

Our kids gave us this photo enlargement of ourselves, for our 35th anniversary a couple of years ago. We don't have a fireplace (yet) and so it hangs in our dining/living room over the buffet. It just looks like a regular photo until you get close up.

I closed in on this as good as I could. As you can see, this photo is made up of family photos. It is actually a mosaic of photos the kids collected from our 35 years of marriage put together to make this photo. Is that the coolest thing? We just love it! They had a surprise party for us at our cabin at the lake, and I had to cry when I saw this. There are baby photos, wedding photos, and little bit of everything.
Thanks for visiting me today! Have a beautiful spring day! Sandi

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  1. What a great idea, never seen anything like that before. Love it. Debbie


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