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Monday, February 28, 2011

Black and White Photo Party

It's my first B&W party! Thanks for allowing me to join in the fun! is where the Black and White party is! Joining them - see ya later! This photo available in all sizes from 3x4 blank cards to 11x 14. Let me know!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Metamorphosis Monday - Jacket

Last weekend we went to KC to visit kids. On Saturday, we decided to take a road trip to Paola, to a German restraunt. The food was spectacular - and well worth the trip. Attached to the eating place, there was a little boutique that had some high-end treasures. The above jacket (apologize for the fuzzy photo) was regularly $85, marked down to $58. I was in LOVE, but it was a little more than I wanted to pay. Especially since I had an idea that I could make one. Around the neck was the crinkly fabric, with 2 little self fabric lapel tabs. This jacket had 2 silk mums attached on one of the label tabs. So.... when I got home.... this is what I did......

I got this jacket out of LTD last fall. They came 2 for I think $11.00. There's a brown and a pink one. They are made out of single knit, and had these LONG tails on the front. I love that new style - BUT I'm only 5' tall. Consequently, they hung below my knees. BEFORE we went to KC, I had cut the tails off, and left the jacket hang. Not sure what I wanted to do next.
A couple of months back, Mom gave me a remnant - saying "I don't know what you will do with this, but thought you'd use it for something! It's the exact same color as the fabric on the jacket.
In order to sew with this crinkly stuff, first you have to iron our the crinkles. If you don't the cut won't be even, and it's hard to handle. I cut 2 strips (because the remnant wasn't very long) 6" wide.
I sewed together the two strips to make one long one, and zig zagged the seam, because I didn't know how much ravel there would be.
I took 2 pieces of the scraps I'd cut off earlier, and made my little lapel tabs, and sewed the crinkly fabric, right sides together on the machine. I didn't want any evidence that the piece had been added, so I turned it, and sewed it on the back side - by hand.
When done, all that was left was to we down the crinkly fabric and scrunch it together again. It goes right back to the way it was - easy peasy!
Everyone needs a little "bling" once in awhile! Diamonds go with everything, right? I wasn't too sure about the silk flowers, they looked kinda cheap to me, so decided to use a pin. I have a sunflower pin that I'll use too, but this way I can change with what I'm wearing.
The finished projoct - waiting for me to wear it to church tomorrow. I think it will look good dressed up or down. I will probably wear it more with jeans than anything! And it cost all of $6.00 I paid to begin with and a little elbow grease!

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pink Saturday Candle

I have this candle in my hallway, it doesn't get used much, because I don't want to use it all up!
I love the detail in the outside, and it glows - PINK!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

White Wednesday & Tablescape Thursday

I had an inspiration when it was snowing. So, I came up with these branches, with my crocheted snowflakes.
I used my blue glasses from my hope chest. Free in laundry soap in the 60's.
I bought this vase years ago as a Christmas gift, but my son broke up with the girl before I gave it to her.....ugh! I love the vase though!
The silverware was one of my first Mother's Day gifts from DH. It's Oneida, and it is like
new yet. It only gets used for tablescapes AND holidays!

Pretty crocheted snowflakes. Had them forever......
I used my clearance medium blue napkins and silver chargers.
The dishes are Dollar General, close outs. $.75 each. I bought a 4 piece setting for a grab bag gift, then took my own gift. Oops, the cats out of the bag!
I got these cute little sleds through the mail, on closeout. I knew they would go great
with snowflakes and snowmen. And they make a great little napkin ring!
Oh wow! There's a little bird nest in the limbs! How sweet! I makes a cute header, doesn't it?
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Tabletop Tuesday some thrifty finds!

I love the 3 tiered server. It's pressed aluminum. I paid $11.00 for it - half price. Then I found the one thing I've looked for - a candelabra. Half price - $24.00. Yipee!

My DH thinks I've totally lost my mind, but I'm painting it. I don't like the brass, it doesn't go with anything I have. I have to have it painted - white. Or, maybe black. Hmmmm......

I had fun at the sale, and hope it's still going on the next trip back! I'm joining tabletop tuesday at the below link:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tablescape Thursday with Moms Jewel Tea

Chances are, if you go to auctions at all in this area, you will see these dishes. They are fairly easy to find in antique stores, thrift stores, any place you find collectibles. My Mom has been gracious enough to let me do a little interview about these dishes, and I
am sharing it with you all.

Barbara K., aka Mom, is a dish enthusiast with a passion for Jewel Tea dishes. She is married to Verle, who is her partner in crime, when searching for these treasures. Below
is my interview with her about her dishes, in her words.

My Mom (Grandma Alley) had this dinnerware and we used it daily. Of course we were to be careful with it. I have a milk pitcher, a plate, a custard dish, and pepper and salt set that were hers. Moms’ salt shaker was cracked but I found one that was not, so now I have a set that is not cracked.
The others I have collected over the past 2 years. When we were coming home from our grandson’s wedding in Minnesota, (somewhere in South Dakota) Verle found a tray to finish my tea set. It was WAY more than I wanted to pay. After talking the owner down in price, he had to go back over the three floors of the antique shop to find it. Even the owner had no idea where it was in the store.
I had wanted a glass tray for YEARS, and they are valued at $180, so was really waiting for the right price. I found one in Russell Ks antique shop for $35 and did not even try to talk them down! But that day if you spent over $25, you got a 10% discount, so I got it for the right price.

I have a full set of 8 dinner plates and cups and saucers also Verle found at Downs Ks., at a great price.

There are also accessories(?) such as these playing cards that go with these dishes. I have 2 decks, one is complete. When I went to purchase the other deck, the man at the store had a fit that I wanted them, because it wasn’t a complete deck.

I still need a cookie jar, having found one in Ellis, Ks. Once, but it was gone when I went back after it. From that, I learned to have things set it aside while I think and am still in the store.

Some of the pieces were produced again in the 80's so I have to be careful to check the stamp to make sure they are the older ones. Verle is good at remembering and finding the pieces I still need, so I know if there are any out there – we’ll get them!

I hope you enjoyed my interview today. Mom and Verle will continue to be on the lookout for the above pieces she mentioned.
Addendum on Sunday February 20 - went to a "going out of business" sale at an antique store yesterday - saw some of these dishes - average price $49.00 before 1/2 price! Wow, what a great collection Mom!

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