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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vintage Coat Hooks and their Transformation!

These days, it's a popular thing to do, to have an entryway, or area by the front door to drop your "stuff". So, I got a "hair brained idea" to put one in at the lake house. Now, my DH will tell you, I'm one to put something on every wall. Can't STAND to have a blank wall. So...........

I knew I had somethings we could put together to make it just the way I wanted. We had old lumber, and these old hooks from the house that we tore down before we built our house now. I had it in my mind, now to get it done!

I had a choice between the single hooks or double hooks and chose the double. They needed to be sanded and repainted.
The finished projoect - and it's just what I wanted! I had the old bench (found in a barn), and was used in our other Lake House. It got used right away! Thanks for joining me as I participate in Vintage Thingie Thursday at the following address:

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