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Friday, August 9, 2013

Meme and Papa Camp 2013

We have had an amazing time this week, hosting our youngest 4 grands - all girls ages 5, 4, 3, and 2.  We have had so much fun, playing games, dressing up, baking, swimming, taking a trip to the zoo, boating, and of course drama!

I went to Hobby Lobby a week ago, and bought a project to do several days in a row.  The photo above, shows them doing some foam flower decorating - they love anything with glitter and glue!  Of course all of the projects will go home with them when they go.  
One day we made cupcakes with my "cupcake machine".  I got it at a K Mart that is closing out, for $12!
They took turn stirring the batter, made from scratch with the recipe included.  They were good!  
The cupcakes are the perfect size for little hands, and not enough to ruin their supper!  Of course at this age, we seemed to end up with more sprinkles than cupcake at times!  
Out of 7 days, we've had 2 where it was nice enough they could get out in the yard.  They played hide and seek, which isn't always a great idea - but we have one who volunteers to always be the seeker, so it works out well.  Here you can see 3 of them hiding behind the flowers in the yard.  Yes, at the very top of the photo that is the lake you see.  So that means 100% of the time they are outdoors, they are monitored.  
One afternoon was spent at the beach and on the boat.  We require life jackets if you want your toes to touch the water.  If you agree to NOT get in the water, you can do without for short periods of time.  They have never complained about that rule.  
We spent one day at the zoo.  The girls were SO well behaved and had such a good time.  
 Great Grandma sent us a package that had bridal veils in it, so everyone could have one of their own!  Yes the photo of me is way off - the shirt I'm wearing is comfortable, but always makes me look preggers.
 One day we played beauty shop and Emma wanted curly hair.  This is the curls while they were drying.

This is her picture after we got done.  They wanted makeup and the whole make over, so that's what we did.
This is Greta after we got done.  She said she felt, "beautiful"!  The other 2 girls opted out for this.  They settled for nails only.  

We are still having a good time, and have a couple of more days to go.  Hope you enjoyed my little gallery of memories.  Sandi