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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another lesson to be learned from this!

This is what happens when your water line to the dishwasher breaks and water runs all weekend while you are gone!  Ick!  Did you know you are supposed to change your water lines to your dishwasher and your washing machine every 5 years?  Nope, we didn't either, but you can BET we won't make that mistake again!  Live and learn, right?  

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

There's a lesson to be learned here! Turn your water OFF when you leave home for more than a day. Trust me!

Sometimes life gets so comfortable, we take things for granted.  Sometimes life just seems so easy.  I'm not bragging, just stating a fact.  I feel blessed. I certainly don't feel worthy of all I have.  I love my home, and am so glad that I have a place to call home.  6 Months ago we paid the last payment on our home.  It's ours!  Free and clear!  Finally!  
Nothing fancy, but it's home.  We spend our leisure time at our lake house, but more about that some other time.  

Last Sunday 10/13/13 is a day I won't forget soon.  I came home from the lake house, which is a 4 1/2 hour drive.  My DH stayed at the lake, since he's retired - he can do that.  :)  Anyway, I pulled into the garage, loaded my arms full of "stuff" and headed to the door.  Oh course it's locked as usual, and I juggle the things in my arms until I can get the key in the lock.  As I open the door, a HUGE gush of HOT air hits me and humidity like someone has taken a shower and left the water running.  If only I'd known how close to right that was.  

As I pushed open the door, besides the heat and humidity, I realized I could hear water running.  Not like out of a faucet, or hydrant, but like out of a water fall.  I tossed my "stuff" aside and ran into the foyer.  I could hear water running particularly in the basement as I ran by the door.  I switched on the basement light and could see water standing, and see water gushing through the ceiling.  This gave me the clue I needed to figure out where this water was coming from.  I ran into the kitchen and before I got through the dining room, I was running in water.  When I got to the kitchen there was HOT water running and apparently had been for quite awhile.  

Panic sets in at this point.  I call my DH and try to convey (through my obvious hysteria) what is going on.  He is trying to describe to me how to shut off the water at the well pit (we live in the country and have rural water). Looking back on it now, we both realize he was telling me to shut it off in the WRONG place!  Guess he was hysterical too, huh?  Anyway, long story short - he got someone to come shut off the water - and I remembered to shut off the electricity.  

This is some of what I found that night - it was 5:25 pm when I made the first call to my DH for help.  

 We have (had) kitchen carpet.  I was getting ready to get something new, but didn't have this in mind.  
The base cabinets in the kitchen had set long enough, they were absorbing the water.  
This is my island top.  It was custom made by a friend, in butcher block style, out of cherry, maple and oak.  One of a kind.  

Over the next 48 hours we went from a house that was paid for and finished - to one that was paid for and demolished.  We lost 100% of our kitchen.
We went from this beautiful kitchen......
To this yesterday - and down to the studs today.  We lost 100% of our living room carpet which now looks like this......
We went from a 100% finished basement
To this.........
And now down to the studs.  This is not fun.  I'd like to scream everytime someone says, "Wow!  you get to start all over!"  I didn't WANT to start all over.  I didn't WANT a new kitchen.  I liked what I had.  

I'll keep updating you as we go along.  So far our insurance has been cooperative, but we keep hearing nightmarish stories, so we shall see.  

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's one of my favorite DECORATING times of the year!

 The only thing wrong with Halloween is that we have no kids around any more to make costumes for, have parties for, make treats for!  I have a lot of Halloween decor, and have decided to pare it down.  So, the above photo is my mantel this year.  I like the way it turned out.  The decorations are some that I will keep. \
The picture in the middle was actually a wall hanging from years ago (80's).  It's yellow and orange, and it goes perfectly with the Halloween theme!  It was supposed to just be a pretty picture.  I'm thinking about painting some big nasty vultures in the trees!
 The above photo is in the entry way.  On Halloween night, I will light the candles, and keep the overhead lights low, so when the 4-5 kids we have trick-or-treating come, it's kind creepy.  
 I got this skeleton last year, don't even remember where, but I was so excited!  He is about 4' tall, and looks pretty scary!
 The pop-up book is really cute, love pop-ups!
 Many of my decorations are ceramic.  We used to have a ceramic shop here in town (which is something considering we only have 30 people)  The kids and I used to walk over and make things, and many MANY of the things were Halloween.  Love the mummy getting out of the coffin.  The mummy in the background is an art project DD#2 made when she was in grade school.  I framed it, and have used to every year.  Just love the one eye open!
 The goblet were from a thrift store in Colby, Kansas!  I lived there for a year doing therapy, and every week, made it to the thrift store.  
I bought a rat last year - he was only a dollar, but adds SOMETHING!

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