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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pink Saturday - a little late!!!

I know I'm running late. We are in KC baby

sitting 3/6 of our grands this week. The pink for today is Emma's costume of a butterfly AND Greta has pink in her leggings too - she's a candy corn! The boys are POWER RANGERS!!!! So, that's why I'm late, but better late than NEVER!! Have a great PS, and go see the rest at the below address:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday - Atchison, Kansas Friendship Forest

We're taking a tour of the International Forest of Friendship, in Atchison, Kansas. There was a bench just waiting for me to have my pix taken! As stated on the sign, the forest was started by the "99's", a group of women pilots that Amelia Ehrhart started, and continues to this day.
The gates were closed, but there is a road, so you can drive through the forest, or a you can abandon the car and take a walk on a nice day. And, we were lucky that it was truly a beautiful weekend, weather wise and OTHER wise!
The forest has a tree from every state, as well as a number of foreign countries. It's kind of amazing to see the tree from Israel, or the one from Eqypt. They look a lot like our trees, but there's a difference. A sidewalk takes you to through the forest, and it takes about an hour. If you don't read the signs, it probably would only take 15 minutes. But, you know me! I had to know as much as I could!
The above tree is the product of a seed that was taken aboard Apollo 14, in 1971. The seed traveled to the moon, then was brought back to earth and planted. So, in essence, this tree has been to the moon AND back! This tree has the plaque under it, to let you know you've got the right one!
The above memorial is at the foot of the moon tree.

Atchison is also the home of Mary Garrity, owner of Nell Hill's. She is one of the reasons we made the trip and are glad we did. There is much to see and do there, and we tried to take it ALL in, in 3 days!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mosaic Monday

I have really enjoyed making mosaic's- so much that I make them ahead of time. The one below was made with different photos from different times. The large color photo was taken earlier this spring. During the summer, the top of it was blown off, and there are no longer blades on it. Kinda sad, cause it was SO pretty the way it was.
The small photo is of a stone house 2 miles from our house that is very well known on Highway 36. On an average of 3 times a week, someone is stopped along the highway taking a photo of it. I'll have more photos next week in another mosaic of the house.
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Thanks for hosting Mosaic Monday, Little Red House. Please join me as I go see what other mosaic's there are this week.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pink Saturday!

By now, word is probably all over that recently my BFF Yvonne (below) and I spent a 3 day weekend in Atchison, Kansas. We stayed in the most awesome B&B, called Tuck U Inn at the Glick Mansion. I've been blogging about it for several weeks now.

We spent two wonderful nights in the Tuck U Inn on that weekend, and the 2nd morning we decided to have breakfast on the porch. It was cool, but not cold, and we were joined by a couple who were enjoying a weekend away from their children. Yvonne is ready and waiting for breakfast, while I continue to click away!!!!

The chairs were covered with this beautiful handiwork! Almost too pretty to sit on!

What a great way to start our day. With our last day together for the weekend, looming in front of us, we begin our last breakfast together. Notice I'm wearing my PINK?

As usual, the setting at the table was perfect. Pink quilted placemats for a gorgeous fall day in Kansas! All the details were there again - knife rests, stone mugs and all.

The dessert this morning was a Blueberry Blanket. I'm not a big blueberry fan, but this totally changed my attitude, and I've eaten them every since! Fresh blueberries, mixed with cream cheese and powdered sugar inside a square of puff pastry, baked to perfection and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Rememeber, dessert is always served first at the Tuck U Inn, so this was our first course. Now the bad news is - this is where the battery in my camera finally gave out, but the good news is we were served eggs benedict with crispy hashbrowns, and fresh fruit as our next course. It was our last morning at the Inn, and the final meal was perfect. It was a Nell Hill's weekend all the way around, and one I will never forget. Don't despair, dear followers - I still have plenty of Nell Hills decorating ideas in my archives, I'm frustrated this week with the Picnik program I paid for - I can't seem to get on and want to "tweak" my pictures before putting them on.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

For my first show and tell Friday, I have to show off my friend Maude! She's all dressed for Halloween! Maude is my dressmakers model that my Mom gave me. I have several of these in different areas of my home, this one is in the sunroom/kitchen area. I try to dress her up according to the season, and have fun doing it! She's not at all like my daughters were when they lived at home - she actually WEARS what I get for her! Ha!
She also doesn't mind wearing my spider pins! Thanks for stopping by my first Show and Tell Friday. Be sure and check out my give away on my sidebar. If you like Mary Carol Garrity and Nell Hill's - you will LOVE my give away!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tablescape Thurday - Nell Hills AGAIN!!

Yes, I do have MORE Nell Hill's tablescapes! After the girls weekend in September when we toured Mary Garrity's home and businesses in Atchison, Kansas, I have enough tablescapes to get me through SEVERAL weeks! This week I chose one that is a favorite with many people, it centered around Bee's! Look at the below photos, and EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!! Love, love, love these dishes and accessories - the way they put it all together! One thing we noticed that day was that black and white checked ANYTHING is in style this fall. It was used everywhere in ribbons, cloths, napkins, etc. I have always been a fan, but was tickled to see it readily available more now.

I want to remind you about my giveaway - there's only a couple of weeks left. I had Mary Carol Garrity sign her newest book shown below while I was there and it can be yours, just for joining as a follower. I appreciate so much how my followers encourage and comment, and want to give the gift for them only, as my thank you. Check out my sidebar for more information!

After you do that, make sure you hop on over to Tablescape Thursday with Susan, the one who started it all for me with blogging. She and her friends can be found at: Thanks so much for stopping by! Sandi

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday- Chicago Style!

We arrived in Chicago on Friday a.m., and by night time -we'd had a tour of Michigan Avenue. In the evening we went to the House of Blues for dinner, then walked around a bit. The photos were all taken by me, as we enjoyed the life in the big city. This was 2 weeks ago, in time for DD# 2 (not 3) to run the Marathon.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our first night in Chicago! There will be more later, as I share with you the experience of the Chicago Marathon from a spectator's seat! Be sure and check out my giveaway posted on my side bar!

Thanks to everyone for sharing another outdoor Wednesday with me. Join me as I return to to see more.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mosaic Monday=Chicago Style

My daughters and I spent a weekend in Chicago for the marathon a couple of weeks ago. As we were walking around downtown, around the Federal Building, entertaining ourselves, DD#2 (Emilie) decided to try out some of her old college cheerleading stunts! They made a great mosaic! Join everyone at for more mosaic fun!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Romantic Homes - Nell Hills!!!!

As I was going through my new Romantic Homes last night, I noted on pages 78 and 79, they are showing the "O Christmas Tree" book from Nell Hill's. Just a reminder - I'm GIVING this book away!!!! You might want to let your friends know that it's a $30.00 book - and it's my giveaway for October!!See my sidebar for the details! Love you all, and thanks so much for what you do for me!

Pink Saturday!

Spent last weekend in Chicago for the marathon, with my daughters, had a great time! This was so cool, had to take a photo of it! Hope you have a great pink weekend!

I just about spaced off Pink Saturday. You know you have a serious problem when that happens!
Be sure and visit Beverly and the other Pink Saturday Participants!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

White Wednesday

Since this is my first White Wednesday post, I want to send thanks to my fellow bloggers who made it so darn tempting I couldn't resist! If you are a follower, you know that I recently had a wonderful Girls Weekend in the small town of Atichison, Kansas. It was a wonderful time, with my Bff Yvonne. There were so many thing sto look at and do, but one of the "white" things I remember was in a museum. It was the cut linen dresses of the former owners wife. I thought they were beautiful. What a lost art!

Thanks for the "white" fun today! Please join me in going to see the rest of the "White Wednesday" lovers at:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tablescape Thursday - Breakfast at the Tuck U Inn- Foodie Friday

My post this week, once again, begins and ends with Girlfriend Weekend/September 2009 memories. BFF Yvonne and I stayed at the Tuck U Inn, in Atchison, Kansas. This was our "virgin" experience with B&B's and we enjoyed it immensely. Can't wait to do it again.
The atmostphere at breakfast morning #1, is awesome. We choose to eat at 9:00 a.m., in the sunroom. The decor is perfect and just what I would chose if I it were mine.
The clock in the sunroom is on a pedestal and about 6' tall. I had never seen one like this in person and loved it the minute I saw it. I think I see one of these in my future.....
There is a huge armoire in the sunroom, decorated with bird houses and many other things. There is also plants, beautiful tables, and the round table and chairs.
The tradition at Tuck U Inn is for "dessert" first. Served in a chilled stemmed glass is the most amazing strawberry parfait I've ever had. It is served with our choice of juices and incredible hot coffee.
Our breakfast consists of ham and spinach quiche', cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit. The sun is coming in so pretty, I have to take several pix before I can eat.
In the above photo you see our thank you card made by our gracious host and hostess for our stay. When we arrived the day before, they took our picture out on the back porch, and put it inside. The house is exactly as it looks in the photo of the photo.

All the little touches are there, and some can be purchased as gifts. The knife rests are so pretty, sparkling in the sun. The little bird place card holders are perfect to hold our thank you card.
We drink our coffee every morning from the stone mugs, which we purchased before we went home. They are new items that can be purchased, and are quite beautiful.
I'm still taking pictures - Yvonne can't wait any longer!

Ohhhhh my goodness! It was worth the wait. MMMMMM!

Okay, I'm getting carried away - a photo of my water glass...but LOOK at the light!
Once again, Susan has been a gracious hostess and has entertained us all thoroughly with Tablescape Thursday. Please join me in thanking her when you go to her blog at And, I HIGHLY recommend the Tuck U Inn also known as the Glick Mansion in Atchison, Kansas. We loved every minute of it!
Be sure and check out my Nell Hill's giveaway. This was the same weekend we saw Mary Carol Garrity's home and got to meet her!!!