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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mosaic Monday

My mosaic this week is of the bridge in our yard that my darling husband built for me to use as a backdrop for my photography business. We use it for many things, including photos of our families, as well as many of the weddings, families, and Sr.'s I photograph. It's requested frequently by my brides, some even come here to dress, get their photos taken, then on to the wedding - OR - they stop by here between the wedding and reception, and enjoy a little "down time" from all the glitz and glamour. Hope you enjoy, and I encourage you to head over to

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Show and Tell Friday and Pink Saturday

I have a doll that was one my Grandmother kept that I've posted before, but can't remember if I did it on Pink Saturday or not, so I'm going to post again. Sorry if it's a rerun for some of you! This doll had horrible hair when I got her, and one night I sat with a bottle of water, and permanent curling rods and curled it. My husband thought I'd lost my mind, but it sure looks better! She is wearing one of my dresses from my childhood that my Mom made. She was so good at taking cast off's and remaking them into beautiful dresses that I was so proud to wear. This one was one of my favorites. She is a "walking doll", and if you stand her up and hold her hand, she will (kinda) walk beside you.

The doll sits on my DD#2's bed down in her room, and totally freaks out a lot of people when they walk in the room! It's fun!

Mom did a great job of making this dress very special, by adding a bow at the waist, and a lace collar. The buttons add a special touch also.
I have a friend who's little girl outgrew the shoes, so she gave them to me! I think they go well with the lacey socks! I am joining the others on Friday for Show and Tell Friday, and on Saturday for Pink Saturday. You can find them at the below address posts:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

Getting toward the end of my Nell Hill's tablescapes, so here's the one that was way over the top for me. The old tin wagon in the middle of the table was huge, and filled with grapevine. There truly was no room to eat, and certainly was no way to converse with the others at the table.
They used garden statuary for impact, and it certainly works!

They also used kitchen towels for napkins, as we all have at one time or another!
I really like the white pitcher and glasses, as well as the clay pots on the table.

Please join Susan, our gracious hostess for a great Thanksgiving Tablescape Thursday at

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

White Wednesday

Emma was baptized this year, and has the mostly beautiful white dress! My oldest daughter Angie was confirmed in a beautiful white dress, and Emma's dress was made FROM it. It's white cotton, with cut-out detail. She was a beautiful little princess that day, and enjoyed her roll as such! Thanks for joining me for White Wednesday. Join me as I go to visit the others for more White!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mosaic Monday

Enjoy another week of Mosaic's by joining me at There are many more where this came from!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tablescape Thursday/Thrifty Thursday

Our family Thanksgiving table - set for 4. By Thanksgiving, it will
be metamorphed into a table for 10!
Peach colored napkins, made out of scraps of denim.
Napkin rings from the thrift shop - 50cents each.
Placemats discount at the end of the year.
Silverware from Grandma's - free.
Glass candle holders from Cracker Barrell 14.99 and 11.99, then 40% off.
Runner from the thrift shop - $3.00.
Fake fruit garage sales and auctions - cheap.
Fake shock of feed - $1.00
Pumpkins from the thrift shop $1.00 each.

Scattering of fall leaves from the thrift shop $1.00

Votives in the shape of pumpkins - Dollar General 50 cents each.

Pumpkin dessert plates - Dollar General 50 cents each.

Grape vine milk glass dishes - free from Mom.

Gold tone glass and goblets - from Duz soap - free in the 70's in laundry soap.

Heading on over to Susan's for more tablescapes, and to Leigh's for more thriftiness!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tablescape Thursday/Thrifty Thursday

I've learned a lot from studying the Nell Hill's decorating style and I'm hoping it will show in my tablescapes. I really think a lot of her stuff is wonderful, but some of it a bit over the top for me! Below is my table from a couple of weeks ago, now just a memory in photos.
The placemats were purchased at Garrity's and are large green leaves. They were purchased rolled up and are very easy to store.
The plastic fruit were purchased in a box of stuff at an auction for a dollar.
The striped hand towels brought so much color into the setting and are so pretty.
The plates are huge! They are 12" plates, and I got them at the thrift store for 50 cents each.
Saw the branch with green apples on it in a quaint little antique store, and had to have it. I have an awesome photo to put above my fireplace (that I don't have) with the branch to decorate the mantel.
My dollar store silverware works with just about everything.

The glasses are my cheapies that look hammered. I found the most awesome fake ice cubes in Atchison, Kansas when we were there for Nell Hill's open house.

Loved doing this post, hopefully I'm getting better at the tablescape fun. I always felt like it was lacking something. Can't wait to show you the one I did this last weekend. I think it's the best yet! Join me as I go over to Susan's and see her other tablescapes and also to Leigh's for more thrifty ideas!