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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vintage Thingie/Thrifty Thursday

If you were here earlier in the week, checking out my White Wenesday post, you saw my lamp, but did you also see what was beside it? It is a lightening rod, used earlier in this century, on top of primarily two story homes, so that instead of lightening striking the house, it would hit the rod, then follow the wire down to the ground where it would "ground" itself. It kept the home from catching on fire (hopefully). The one below is 3' tall. The reason I have them in my house, is because they have white glass "pretties" on them.

The one below is 5' tall. There are many different ones, but these days they are getting hard to find, in tact. The color, size, and shape of the "pretty" in the middle depends on who made it, and where. When we found these, the guy told my husband if he would crawl up and take them off, he could have them.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tabletop Tuesday and White Wednesday

I got this lamp at a garage sale on Memorial Weekend. The lady was asking $25 for it.

I offered her $10. She said, "oh honey, it's practically new, would you give me $15? I said yes!

She said she paid over $100 for it about a year ago, and it had set in her guest room, not being used. She put the cutesy little bows on it, and the shades are obviously very well made.

But, I have other plans for this lamp. Striped down, she looks MUCH better in my eyes. And after a couple of cans of paint ...........

She is now my "dream lamp"! And fits in with my other lamps in that room as you can see below! is where you will find more White Wednesday posts, and is where you will find the Tabletop Tuesday posts. Enjoy!

Mosaic Monday

Happy Monday!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pink Saturday Vacation Style Shopping

Now I'm gonna start out by letting you in on a secret...................I hate to shop. I don't like to go to Walmart, KMart, the grocery store, anything like that............. BUT................................

I come across a sign like this, and my heart goes pitty patter, really fast!...........Especially IF

It looks like THIS on the outside!!!!!! Can you just HEAR it sucking me in???????????

So, one of my favorite shopping companions - and her Momma went with me.............and we found...........

Just a taste of pink at first.............................

This vinette just struck me as near perfect. I'm currently using this photo as my wallpaper on my computer...................... and a little more pink......................

Love this pink tea set...........................

Love the teapot.......................

Loved the ladies head vases. They were in perfect shape and very reasonable. Have I said LOVE enough? And it's in the same paragraph as SHOPPING! ha ha

Miss Emma got a purse-given to her by the proprietor, since her Meme and Momma made a purchase (or two).....she wouldn't put it down - carried it the rest of the day. Even sitting in her car seat - she kept it close!

And last, but NEVER least, was our resident "Princess", and her own throne! Thanks for stopping by to visit. Come back and see me again!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday - Missouri Style

Here is DH and I on vacation 2 weeks ago. We are on our balcony, which overlooked Lake of the Ozarks, at Horseshoe Bend, Missouri. We had a great time, spending it with our kids and gkids.

Love the chairs, hated the $300 price tag. Really wasn't too bad, for hand painted, and they were put together very well.

Got rained out while on the go carts, but went back later and had a great time!

We did rent a boat on Monday and went out on the lake. Wow, houses that I can't imagine!

We have only one question = who in the world could afford a place like this?

Bat(?) Boat, fake palm trees, and a helipad? Wow, no wonder American's are considered so greedy! Hope you enjoy your Outdoor Wednesday! I plan to join the others and check out more outdoor posts.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vintage Thingie Thursday

I got these at an auction - years ago. They are SO dainty. What talent the person who made these had.

I love these napkins, and they get used often. Every so often I have to soak them in Oxyclean.

I'm thinking of starting my own monthly meme party, so hang in there! For now, go on over to the Colorado Lady's and see what' new at the Vintage Thingie Party!

Country -Tablescape Thursday

It's a country table this week folks! Nothing says country faster than checks..
chicken plates, that came from Dollar General - 50 cents, along with the matching bowls.
Nothing more fun than using the bandanas for napkins on a country table!
I use my old stand by - blue table cloth. As well as my blue Libby glasses. And my soup tureen that I've had for a year, and never even "scaped" before. Shame, shame, shame.....
I used my red plates as chargers, since I'm also featuring my thrift store soup tureen.
I have 2 sets of salt 'n peppers that are chickens. Until I bought these pretty little plates and matching bowls, I had NO chicken stuff. Now I know some of you are appalled by this fact, but it's true!
See the little chicken toes sticking out????? hehehehe
The tureen has a plate that fits underneath, with handles. I paid $3.00 for the whole shebang!
Love, love, love the details on the tureen.
Okay, so it's too warm to have soup today - Well these bowls work really well for fresh strawberries and ice cream too!
One more peek at the chickens who started it all! Hehehe! Hope you have a wonderful "rest" of the week. We will be heading for the Ozarks for vacation! Yipee!