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Saturday, April 5, 2014

More Than Just Varnish

Many years ago, my grandma passed away and when she did, I was the lucky one to receive this old secretary.

I featured it in several blogs - titled - "If this Secretary could talk".

In October, our home was flooded because of a leaking dishwasher over a weekend, and all of our antiques were removed from the home.  One by one, we have been putting them back, some needed an overhaul before they came back, so that has been going on.  This little gem has been in our bedroom for a very long time.  I keep things in the drawers, but the top has been, for the most part, empty.  I wanted to paint it.  Or so I thought.  My DH began the process of removing the old, dark varnish.  One day when I arrived home after work, he informed me that I'd better look at the secretary before I made up my mind to paint it.  Much to my surprise, the thing is oak, and turned out very nice.  Enjoy the photos of it and let me know what you think!

It's back in the newly redone - finished!  bedroom and I love it.  Sandi