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Monday, April 6, 2009

Three or More Tuesday

Welcome to Three or More Tuesday! Thanks to Gypsy Corner for hosting us for this fun peek into each other's lives! You can go to to see more of the Three of More treasures!

My three or more for today is wooden clocks. Our wooden clocks are all special, because they signify different stages of times of our lives.

The glass clock on the left was a 10 year anniversary gift to my Mom and StepFather from all 9 (combined family) kids. The wooden clock in the middle was passed down from my dad from his uncle, and the wooden clock on the right was a gift from my husband's job for 30 years of service. The clock above was given to my husband by his company for 20 years of service. Since we have 3 children, we are happy that each one will have a wooden clock someday, that has a story to tell of it's own. They all chime on the quarter hour and 2 of them we don't wind or else it would be very noisy! Thanks for looking at our wooden clocks!


  1. Sorry that I'm late visiting. Thank you for participating in 'Three or More'. What great clocks with stories to be told in the future.
    Have a great evening,


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