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Friday, July 31, 2009

Lucky Post # 113 Pink Saturday

The reason it's lucky is because that's my motel room number that I live in Monday-Thursday every week! Ha! Anyway.....I'm showing you the cutest little pink things I got at Freda's in Republican City, Nebraska (at the lake). I can't wait to get back there this weekend.

When I saw these I asked her where she got them cause I wanted MORE and she couldn't remember! Darn! They are little minature crocheted tea cups and saucers. They are like 1 inch across the top of the cup. There are 4 pink and 4 green. I don't know what I will do with them YET, but for $3.50 for the box - who cares??? THEY ARE MINE!!! Please, everyone have a safe and happy pink Saturday. I'm enjoying time at home/lake and with family! Run over to Beverly's and check out more pink! at

Thursday, July 30, 2009

HELP!!! I need you to get me through this!!

I've got it all ready - each entry for the drawing is numbered and ready to go. But where in the world is the random drawing thingy located that people use to help them out? I could write numbers on pieces of paper, and do it that way, but there are 208 entries and I was SO excited to get to use the random number draw-er thingy. Can you direct me to the link? Please????

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thrifty Tablescape Thursday

I'm setting the table for breakfast tomorrow morning. We are at the lake, and have 2 of the Grandsons with us. They love to have me cook when we are at the lake especially. They have requested bacon, sausage, eggs, and toast. Of course there are also donut holes and cinnamon rolls to fill up those little spaces before lunch!

I'm sure everyone recognizes the old dishes I have at the lake. We actually got them out of the dumpster, someone must have gotten new ones. As one of my favorite bloggers said awhile back, Corelle isn't my favorite, but it sure works at the lake! The silverware is from my "hope chest" circa 1972. I got it out of "Duz" Laundry Soap, one place setting at a time. They have seen us through 37 years, so I guess that makes them pretty thrifty! Kinda funny how they match the dishes, huh?
We have a candle on the table that is in a quart jar. It's cinnamon apple, my favorite scent, always makes my DH think I'm baking something for him!
I have a friend who made me the below napkins rings. They are in a special little barn holder that stores them when not in use. There are 5 napkins rings, one for each in our family at the time she made them. The cows are salt and pepper.
In the front left to right is Emilie, Angie, and Jeff, and back left to right is Myself and Eldon. Notice that the girls all have blonde hair, which we do; and my husband even has a beard, which he does.
She took great care to make them pretty detailed. You can see the cow table cloth, and bandana napkins. I bought the bandana's for our son and DIL's wedding reception at our house. I think I got 20 of them so we use them for a lot of things.
Even the back of them are detailed.

They all store inside the fence, and the barn holds paper napkins too.
The back of the barn is painted in detail too, and this is an overhead view of the table.
Glad you could stop in, be sure and come back sometime. I will be over at Susan's to see what's going on at!!! Then, in all my spare time, I'll check in for more Thrifty Thursday ideas with Leigh and her friends at !!! It's gonna be a great day!!!

Outdoor Wednesday - At the Lake

We had the Grandsons in June and I just can't get enough of seeing how much fun they had. Sorry to bore you all one more time, but I just can't help myself! Here's just a few of the photos we took while they were here. Here's a couple of boys (not ours) hanging out on the front of our boat. Brady and Landon playing it safe with their life jackets on. We don't allow them to take them off, unless they are sitting on the sand. They don't even ask to take them off, they have always just worn them, and don't know the difference.
The older two boys weren't into gettin their picture taken too much!

Ethan with a Dr. Pepper in his hand every chance he got! That's just one of the things they get at our house that they don't get at home! Soda.....

I swear I don't have a photo of Austin without him screwing up his face one way or the other!

What kind of a vacation at the lake would it be if we didn't have S'more's? Well we won't know, cause we DID have them! Have a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday! Join everyone else for the fun at

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

These "ruby" flowers are growing wild near a neighbors home. She said she wouldn't care if I took some photos. Have a wonderful Tuesday! Join us for the fun at for more Ruby Red!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mosaic Monday

Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do! Love those daisies, love to do collages! Have a wonderful daisy/mosaic/Monday! Join more mosaicee's at the below link:

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pink Saturday

I took photos at a wedding last Saturday. These shasta daisies were in the brides bouquet and on the altar. I just fell in love with them - and they have some awesome pink in them. Be sure and say Hi to Bev from me when you go visit for more Pink Saturday posts. The link is at:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Thrifty Tablescape Thursday in time for Rodeo!

It's Rodeo time in Kansas!! Time for the cowboys and girls to come to Phillipsburg for fun, money, and fame. You can look up Kansas Biggest Rodeo on the internet and find out more than you ever wanted to know. All joking aside, there is one of the top Rodeo's in the US right here in north central Kansas. Good old boot kickin' fun, if you're up for it. I have decorated for rodeo every year for a long time, it's darn near like a holiday for the people in the area.

Instead of one thing for the centerpiece, I used 3. I used a pair of cowboy boots (thrifty) filled with sunflowers,

a brown paper sack with rafia ties, filled with faux sunflowers and grains, (thrifty)and a lamp that is an antique railroad lamp. (hand me down from MIL/thrifty) If you were going to eat out on the prairie, you would surely use an oil lamp for lighting, wouldn't you?
You would use a jar to drink from, right? How lucky yours has a handle!
The tablecloth is medium blue, with a white square tablecloth on the diagonal. The white cloth is fringed, and kinda looks westerny"?" (is that a word?) Of course a red bandana for a napkin.(thrifty)
Each place setting is the mismatched stuff you just threw in your saddle bag, maybe? (thrifty) Salad plate is clear glass, hard to see here. (I got 4/$1.00 at GW earlier this Spring.) (thrifty)
Bottom plate is my "new" sunflower plates. I got 4/#1.00 at GW too. I have a lot of sunflower stuff, so they will get used! (thrifty)
Here's my artsy-fartsy picture taken through the handle of the cup!
Please go visiti Susan at to see other tablescapes and have a great weekend or to Leigh at for more thriftiness!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Jeff and Carla

This anniversary post was from last week, but certainly qualifies as an Outdoor Wednesday post also! Be sure and check out the other wonderful outdoor posts at
Three Years Ago our family was joined with the Pofahl Family from Minnesota.

When Jeff and Carla began making wedding plans, we had no idea that we would have such an adventure. Jeff spent 4 years in the Navy, and Carla grew up going to a Resort located on Lake Superior in Minnesota. It was a perfect match for them to get married on a ship off the shore of the resort. Plans began and so did the fun. Before we went to the ship, we took photos of the wedding party beside the resort.

The road at the bottom actually lifts up so the ship can go underneath. It was very cool.

We went out on the ship to have the wedding peformed out on Lake Superior.

The Captain of the ship performed the cermony inside where it was cooler.

It was a very warm day out on Lake Superior, which is kinda rare for that time of year. We planned for cool (compared to what we are used to in Kansas) and ended up with it being hot!

After the dinner, we had time to cruise and talk and reflect with our family and Carla's. It was peaceful and beautiful.
The Captain even let Mom drive! She seems to take her new responsibility VERY seriously.

There was much to look at and of course take photos of on the ship after we ate dinner. One of the above docks is like the one the the Edmond Fitzgerald left from on its fated voyage. Remember the song?

It was a great time, even though we had a car accident on the way home. No one was hurt except for the suburban, so all was well. We went places and saw things we hadn't seen before, so it was a success. Plus, we got to see our son get married. Once again Happy Anniversary kids!