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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Renovation Realities

I had posted about 3 months ago, about our water disaster and wanted to give an update.  We are almost back to normal, with the exception of our bedroom.  I'm hoping in the next 2 weeks we can say we are DONE.

Starting off, I want to preface everything by saying I LOVED my kitchen.  It was functional, homey, and designed by me.  I will never forget the day the carpenter took me into this bare room, and said -"Where do you want things?"  I need to know today, because I will be starting on your cabinets."  I felt my heart drop into the pit of my stomach.  ARE YOU SERIOUS?  TODAY?  But he led me through the process and the above photo is what we ended up with.  When we had our home up for sale a few years ago, I was told by one realitor that I should paint my cabinets in order to "update" them.  I almost fainted just thinking about it.  I loved the wood, loved the color, loved the fact that they were 30+ years old and still looked good.   I had recently decided I was going to change the flooring.  The kitchen carpet with the flowers had seen it's better day.   Little did I know that decision would be made for me - 10/13/13.
 I came home from a 3 day weekend at the lake to find that the connection to my dishwasher had broken sometime while I was gone, and had ran hot water  - a LOT of hot water.  My custom kitchen had taken a direct hit.  Damaged beyond repair.

The kitchen that I so dearly loved was here one day - 
And going..........


35 Days later......we have cabinets - in boxes!
Counter tops that are in - but not IN.  
Then the magic begins and we have a future again - to cook in our own kitchen!

We are very happy with the results, but it took a lot of time and a lot of work, and did I mention PATIENCE?  It took a LOT of patience!  I still feel like I'm in someone elses kitchen at times, but it's getting better.  Thanks for stopping by, I would love it if you would leave a comment!  Joining Metamorphosis Monday this week.  Thanks Susan for hosting!