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Monday, April 13, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday

My Met Monday post is for these round tables that we all use for decorations. I was so excited
to find them so cheap at the Dollar General, but found out the legs are wobbly, and they don't hold up to much weight, or any bumping. In order to "tweak" these a little, I saw this on Trash to Treasure on HGTV and boy does it work wonders! This is what I do:

I find these stools at auctions, flea markets and garage sales. They sell them 2/21$ at Walmart. Or sometimes, like the one below, I get them for free from my DIL!!! We were at a garage sale that there were 2 of these stools for $5 each. They had the bottom rungs on 2 side chewed up by their dog, and I asked if they would take less. She said she couldn't, and my DIL spoke up and said they had 2 at home she would give me! Depending on their height, you can use them as is, or trim the legs to the height you need.

I buy a cheap round table kit at the dollar store or even Walmart. Using the round circle, I place it on top of the stool.

I attached the table top to the top of the stool with a single screw, and tadaaaa! The table is done! It now has 4 stable legs instead of 3 wobbly ones, and the table cloth fits better too. I even have a couple that my husband made bigger circles for bigger table tops, and they are wonderful. Now if someone can just give me an idea for all these wobbly legs I have! There has to be something they are good for too! Maybe I'll think of something and that will be another MET MONDAY post!

This is the finished product! Just what I wanted only more stable and inexpensive! Join everyone over at http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot/ for more Met Monday ideas!


  1. Great idea! I love the decoraive aspect of those tables, but you are right - they are just too wobbly. Thanks for sharing...Warmly, Barb

  2. Now THAT is a good idea! You are right about those three-legged ones!

  3. hey,i am going to steal,oops,i mean borrow this idea.i have a short stool that isn't doing anyone any good.perfect.thank you...ann

  4. I love it! Who would have ever thunk it? I guess you. lol. This is a fabulous idea. I have a wobbly 3 legged round table in my bedroom. Now I just need to find me a stool & my problem is solved. Thanks!

  5. Wow....I've got a couple of those stools that I JUST replaced with ones that I got from Goodwill. They have rungs missing. (the ones I bought have a single screw put in them to keep them from wobbling..brilliant idea). Anyway, I could just use bungee cords to secure the legs...cut the tops and use the long tablecloth like you did. Brilliant idea! Thank you.


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