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Monday, April 27, 2009

Three or More Tuesday

I’m showing you today one of my many and I do mean MANY collections. I am not so crazy over it these days, but have many things that are Princess Di Collectables. I got these plates through the Bradford Exchange and there are 12 of them in the set. I got one a month for a year, and they are numbered, limited edition. I keep them in the basement on the VERY top of the entertainment wall, so hopefully the grandson’s won’t ever break one. I have a lot of other items that are Princess Di things also, but this week is the plates. Enjoy, and thanks to for hosting us today for Two or More!


  1. I miss Princess Di... What a lovely collection... I know how grandson's are, mine just broke the lid to my tea pot... He felt so bad I couldn't scold him ;) But your plates... did you know there is this stuff called museum putty that they use to secure things? Like Plates on a plate shelf?
    Cut and paste this link to check it out:

    Really Rainey

  2. She really was so pretty and your plates are just so pretty. I was in London a few days after her passing. The amount of flowers in her memory in the streets of London and by Harrods Dept. store & all the little towns that week were amazing and heartbreaking. What a loss for our world.

  3. Your plates bring back so many memories and are a tribute to a life that ended far too soon. I love that there are both formal and informal shots of her on the plates.

  4. Hello ~
    Those plates are just beautiful, you have a nice
    collection ! I know about the collecting starts with one and then you got to
    have more ..LOL !

  5. She was so lovely. What a nice collection. Happy 3xTuesday.

  6. A lovely remembrance of a lovely woman. Thanks for sharing -- and keep them away from grandchildren! :-)

  7. great collection! Happy Three or More Tuesday ~ Susan

  8. She was a special person. What a wonderful collection for 'Three Or More'.
    Thank you for sharing and have a great day,

  9. What a lovely way to remember Princess Di!!! She is sooo missed!!! Sweet collection...thanks for sharing!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!


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