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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Master Bedroom

Below you can see the story of us in our bedroom. I tried to make it comfortable, yet to my liking - taking into consideration that DH isn't really too "into" the really feminine look like I am.
My Princess Diana teddy bear collectible, given to me by my BFF, Yvonne.

They gloves I wore to my Sr. Prom in 1972!

The red rose doiley on the right was made for a wedding gift by my Mom's best friend. The lace above left, was made by my Grandma Alley. She gave it to me on a pillow, but I thought it needed to be on the back of this chair that was recovered by a friend.

A birthday gift from my husband is the beautiful paper cut "The Rose". The tea cup was sent to me when my Step Dad died and is a very special treasure.

This old child's wardrobe was purchased at an auction and was in DH's family. It has an small hanging rod that belongs where the TV is, and it was painted green, with green toile fabric inserts in the doors and sides. I was unable to find toile that was what I wanted, so found the leaf-print in tones of cream, painted it cream, and there it was. The metal drawer pulls are original, but there was only one glass knob on the lower drawers. I looked for quite awhile before finding matching knobs in an antique store. I had to buy a bag of 6 drawer pulls to get the three I need!

Grandma Alley's Secretary

Look at these darling little shoes!

I did write a little blog on how important my bed is to me, but wanted to show you the "rest of the story". When we built our home, we started out with what we thought was a big bedroom, 17 x 14. We had a king sized water bed in the dark, almost black finish, and matching large dresser. The dresser and bed both had large mirrors in them, which is like my most unfavorite (?) thing in the world. Of course the whole house was painted in the normal for those days - white. I had an orange bedspread and curtains. Oops, starting to have a flash-back there for a minute! Ha! When we built our home in 1982, we intended to build on some day. That day occurred in 1996. We added a 12' addition to the entire length of our house, adding a sunroom onto the kitchen/dining room, and made our bedroom 26 x 17. It includes a stairway that leads to the basement where we have a large hot tub. Wow! Now I know what it's like to have a large bedroom. It still is in the 80's though, with wallpaper. I still love it, but know it's terribly out of date. The biggest problem is the walls on 1/2 the room are textured like when we built the house, I believe they call it egg shell texture. The other 1/2 is flat finished. I want to tear off all the wallpaper (sorry Mom - you worked so hard getting it up there)! And sand off the texture, then paint the walls. I want to keep the white carpet and we have recently gotten a new bed, so of course it stays. The repurposed furniture in the room still works, so want to keep it too. If you get a chance, look it over and tell me what you would do. I'm open to suggestions, especially low-cost ones! Thanks for helping me out!!!!!

Love seat recovered by a friend.

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  1. love how these personal touches pull your room together.


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