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Monday, June 29, 2009

Three or More Tuesday

My post for this week is my dress forms/dress displays in my house. I'll introduce Maude, she was given to me by my Mom. I had asked Mom to look for an old dress form several years ago and she got me one of the ones below at an antique store for a little bit of change. When she later got to thinking about it, she remembered that she had this one and was willing to give it to me, just to get rid of it. I brought it upstairs, put on one of my many vintage aprons, one of my many vintage scarves, and set her in the sunroom/dining area. I've had so many comments on it, some think it's crazy, some think it's cool. Read on....Below you will see two baby nighties. The one of the left was my Dad's who was born in the 30's and the one of the right was mine. They were both made by hand, buttons holes and all.
Last, but not least, is my Sr. Prom dress, circa 1972 when long dresses were so NOT IN STYLE! Hanging from the side is my date's matching neck tie (later to become DH!). Below is a dress I wore when I was a little girl. By the way all you ORGANZA LOVERS, it's the big O!

As you see, I must be a trendsetter because I posted Maude in May, and this photo recently came out in Country Living Magazine.

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  1. You still have your prom dress and a dress you wore when you were little? How cool is that!...Christine

  2. It's nice to meet Maude! I always think these are cool (the old ones) but the ones I find are SO expensive!!

  3. Nice posting and thanks for sharing.

  4. I love dress forms. I don't have any real ones but picked up a medium sized wire one at Ross. My husband is one who thinks it's wierd. But then he suggested I put it under my stone looking cow head shelf. Now that would be wierd. Yours are beautiful. I'm going to share them with him to show him I'm not crazy!

  5. Hi Sandi, so interesting. I love your pictures.


  6. I like Maude. I wish I had a Maude. The only piece of clothing I have from my past is the first little dress I ever sewed when I was about 10 years old.

  7. A friend of mine has two antique mannequins in her dining room and foyer--I jump every time I see them. I just can't seem to remember they are not real :0)! I love that you have your prom dress and date/husband's tie! Long dresses were in style in my neck of the woods. I wore purple and the date/husband had a lavender ruffled tux shirt! Oh my :)!

  8. These are just wonderful treasures and memories! Love the shirt of your father's...that is so precious. I'm sure Country Living must have taken the cue from you!! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh, how sweet! My daughter has a dress form in her room, that she bought two summers ago at an auction -- I am not sure she's named her yet.

    Can't believe you still have your prom dress. And my prom was in 1970 and my sister's in 1972, and we all wore long dresses... must be different parts of the country!


  10. Maude is wonderful!

    What a unique and beautiful display. TFS this great post with us.

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  11. I love dress forms. They are very popular right now! How sweet that you have your prom dress and your date's tie (and now DH~wonderful!!!)

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get around for TOMT. It was nice visiting your blog!!

    Have a great holiday weekend, Sandi! :-)



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