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Friday, June 12, 2009

Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday is one of my favorites. I do however, get a lot of flack from my son and son-in-law about it. So, to pay them back here's my pinks----their DAUGHTERS!!!Ha! Make fun of THAT guys! The two favorite "pinks" in my world are my granddaughters. They each had some special days just recently and they were enjoying their pink in their own way.

Greta got her first doll! You can tell she's lookin' her over good!

And a few days later, Emma found her toes for the first time! She LOVES them!

See more pink Saturday blogs at and tell Bevery I sent you! Thanks for stopping by! Sandi


  1. Awe...this is precious!
    What cuties these little ones are.

  2. What sweet pink babies! Don't let them get you down, there are almost 200 other Pinkies that feel the same way you do! Happy Pink day and have a loveleigh weekend!

  3. Beautiful and fun Pink Saturday blog entry! It's a little gloomy outside today (hope the sun comes out) but your blog and a little cup of tea are giving me a little sun!

    BABIES! The BEST pink of all! They are darling!

    Happy Pink Saturday. Sending you good wishes from the tip of Michigan for a special weekend filled with sun, surrounded by those you l♥ve.

  4. OH my goodness, these little girls are adorable! Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. happy pink saturday, thanks for sharing!!! have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Happy Pink Saturday!

    How cute!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  7. ahhhh so adorable! Sandi, Your grandaughters are so precious!

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. you have two beautiful granddaughters! Happy Pink Saturday ~ I hope you have a great weekend ~ Susan

  9. The BEST pinks i have seen all day!!

    I love how sweet babies smell.

    Thanks for sharing.


  10. Happy Pink Satur-unday. I love your pinks, how perfect for PS. I'd like to kiss them and bite their necks... yum.

    Got a minute? Pour a cuppa, pull up a comfy chair and please stop by - I love company.


  11. There is nothing better than Little Girls all in Pink! They are so so cute!
    Thank You for sharing your Pinks!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. ahhh look the smiles.. melts my heart.. Happy Pink Saturday. I am late for my pinky round. :-)

    Hope you have a great week!


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