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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday

Well, after a brief vacation (?) I'm back at it again. It's so funny how things work out for the best though. Brand new laptop hard drive dies, and my personal "computer fixer" (DD#2) just happens to be able to get it fixed while I'm on vacation with 4 little boys. I wouldn't have had time to do much blogging anyway, so it all worked out well.
The boys are back with their parents, and many hours of cheap entertainment later, it's quiet here again.
My Met Monday post this week is the "rest of the story" on my Front Door. Awhile back there was a little jag on Front Doors, hosted by At that time, I said I wanted to remove the screen door which was old and not very useful and paint the door a different color.
Well, with my fellow bloggers advice, I decided to keep the screendoor, and paint the door a contrasting color. I fell in love with a wine color, actually call "Merlot", but there isn't a dealer for that kind of paint close to home, so settled on "Burgundy" from Home Depot. The project is now complete, all of the doors painted in burgundy, and I LOVE the look.

Also added to the porch are the basket of daisies (my version of Susan's from BNOTP) that I really like, and the vintage bench
we found in the basement of my photography studio years ago when we bought it. We never did figure out what it was doing in the basement of a Bank, since that's what the building used to be, but I love it just the same. According to "The Country Door" catalog, this is a Cafe Bench. It folds up just as the one in the catalog, and was FREE instead of $149.99!!! YeHaw!

Photo above courtesy of Country Door Catalog @ I really like the look, and have to finish with the new gate we installed on the porch, to keep the dog off the furniture. No one has told her that she is a dog, and so she thinks that ON the chairs is the proper place to sit when on the porch.

Have a great Metamorphosis Monday, and please join Susan for more posts that are simply Metamorphosistic! Ha! Is that a word?


  1. Sandi,
    Your doors look wonderful! I love the new color. It brightens things up. And I love the bench. What a find! It looks great on your porch.

  2. Like what you've done here!

  3. I am sooo jealous! A Merlot door! How beautiful! The bench is such a keeper!
    Have a wonderful day,

  4. Your door is lovely...the color is so pretty and looks so great with your house!!! The bench is the perfect touch...I love it!!!

    I hope you are having a wonderful day!!!

  5. What a yummy color, and such a great bench!!! Nice job!

  6. I love the color on the doors. And I love your bench. Susan needs to have a blog party where everyone shows off their flower baskets that she inspired.

  7. Beautiful. I like your bench best!


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