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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Foodie Friday

For the last few years, I've had a flower bed in the yard that I planted with Wave petunia's. 2 Years ago they didn't do well, and the flower bed ended up being weeded quite often, and very few, if any, flowers ever bloomed. Since the nature of my job is for me to be gone sometimes weeks at a time, only home on weekends, my DH decided the flower bed HAD to go and he wanted to plant it with something we could ENJOY!
When I used it as a flower bed it was just the bottom 3 railroad ties. When DH decided to use it, he added the next 2 levels.
DH bought strawberry plants last year and babied them all summer long. This is what they looked like after a cold and snowy winter.
We haven't had strawberry plants for 20 years, so hoped and prayed that they would winter well. It seems they did.
This is what they looked like early in March and April.
And this is what they look like now. They are healthy plants and have a lot setting on.
The fruit isn't very big, but there's sure a lot of it.
Wait a minute! What's this? There's suddenly little fingers in my camera lens! Hmmm, I can't imagine who it could be!!!!! Someone very quiet who was behind me, I bet.......
I see who that is! It's Brady and he's been having a little snack! If you click on the photo you can tell by the pink around his mouth!!!! He obviously knows how good they are!
A little bowl of homemake ice cream, a little sugar on the berries and oh baby! What a treat!
I hope you all enjoyed seeing our first strawberry crop as much as I had bringing it to you!
Hope you enjoy your Food Friday! Join the other Foodies at and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your stawberries look wonderful. I am waiting for my raspberries. I love all your pictures. Have a wonderful weekend:)

  2. Your strawberries look heavenly. Homegrown always adds extra taste. I think it's the love and labor. Our plum tree is loaded, and my husband brought me one a moment ago.

  3. Just way too cute. I love it. Hugs, Marty

  4. What a cute little strawberry picker you have! Enjoy!

  5. Oh I just love those home grown strawberries- store bought ones just dont compare- cute helper!



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