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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Remember this that I found a few weeks back at Goodwill? I really loved the way it was, but also thought it would be neat in white.

I found this for a dollar at Freda's Flea Market, so now I don't have to paint the other one! They are totally different, but similar in size (15" tall), and this one works FINE for what I wanted it for!

Come on over to to join in more Thrifty Fun!


  1. So very cute!
    Fantastic buy.
    I just love these bargains.

    Having Thursday Tea at my place. Won't you join me?

  2. Oh! They are so good together! Precious!
    Thanks for participaing in Thrifty Thursday this week! I was late in posting the links, so forgive me. It's my fault that you may have some late visits.
    Thanks for partcipating. Next week I will be back on a good schedule!

  3. I like them both. I'm glad you didn't have to choose between the dark and the white.

  4. Very nice. And a great bargain! Why don't you paint the first one white and use them together?


  5. How great that you found one already in white - I liked the two toned one as it was :)


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