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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's On Your Wall Wednesday

What's on my wall is photos of DD#2 with her babies from L to R is Emma, in the middle is Landon, and then Brady. The one of Landon is without Emilie I guess. I did them in black and white, framed them in white mat with black frame, all different. The wall color is actually a buttery yellow, which I noticed never comes out that color when you photograph it. Oh well. that's what's on my wall!

Thanks for stopping by to see what's on my wall! You can find more at


  1. They are so precious!

    ~Happy WW! :)

  2. They are so sweet.
    Happy whats on your wall

  3. What more could you want on your wall!!!

    m ^..^

  4. Love the family wall. My mom used to have a gallery of all of us kids. She had nine. So the wall was covered.


  5. Sweet, sweet photos. I'll bet it brings a smile to your face every time you see the photos.

  6. We have a baby Landon too. I have no idea where my kids found that name but is a cute name and fits our Landon perfectly.


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