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Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day!

It's a beautiful spring day in Kansas. We finally have green grass, and the leaves are starting to show on the trees. I took the day off to get ready for Emma's baptism that will be held in our church this weekend, and we will have a house full of visitors. I've cleaned all week in preparation for that, and decided that today I would spend the day relaxing (?) and enjoying the Kansas weather. I woke up to 45 degrees this a.m., but decided not to let that stop me. I took my time getting ready, and went to town to check out the thrift shop since it's open on Friday's and Saturday mornings, both which aren't good for me to get there. I got to a see a good friend, who always provides me with a laugh. She was working SO hard selling things though. I was tickled to find a few treasures like the mirror for $1.00, and the hand painted butterfly stemmed glasses that were 4/$3.00. Aren't they pretty?

I also got a soup tureen for $1.00 too, but will not complain about wanting to use it until fall. It appears to be handmade. So now I'll have to find a ladel to go with it.

After the thrift shop, I headed down to the nursery to buy my plants and this afternoon when it finally reached 65 degrees, I filled up my pots, and started to get out the furniture for the deck. I planted deep red petunia's in my hanging baskets, and yellow and white mums in our flower bed on the west side of the garage. DH "accidently" killed everything in the bed last year by using the wrong sprayer (he learned to mark which ones have the bug spray in them) so they needed completely replanted. I also bought red/white/blue petunia mix that will go in our planters at our place at the lake when we get there in a couple of weeks.

I'm so excited about the Porch and Patio party to be held this week. I'm sure I'll find some great ideas, and of course some that I can only dream of.

DH has been working on the treasures we found at the Junk Day a couple of weeks ago, and the table is done now too, so it will make it to Met Monday post. He's a doll about helping me get ready for when the kids come home.
Our dear son (who just happens to be a landscape architect) is coming home to plant my front planter at my photography studio tomorrow, so I'm excited about that. It used to have evergreens in it YEARS ago, and since we bought the building it has had nothing in it - ever. That's been 6 years ago. I'm thinking that will make a good Met Monday post too.
Well, guess I should be thinking about supper. DS is always happy when Mom has a meal for him. Carla and Greta are headed to DesMoines this weekend for a "girls weekend" with her Mom and sister. We're gonna miss them! Happy May Day!


  1. Meme,
    Congratulations you won our Pink Saturday Giveaway on my blog for the pink socks and hair bow. Please send me your address at the following email and I will forward on to the Etsy shop that hosted the giveaway. QGM is not responsible for the giveaway.

  2. What a blessing to have a baptism coming up. That is always such a special event. Your thrift store finds and flowers are all gorgeous. You've been a really busy lady. I can't wait to see the table on MM. Hugs, Marty


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