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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thrifty Thursday - My FIRST!

A few years back I told my Mom how much I loved the look of old seamstress models. She started looking around for some, and now I have more than one. Hmmmm.....I see a 3 or more post coming up..... Anyway, I've had it sitting in my DD#1's bedroom, naked as can be. It was used by my Mom to make my step sisters prom dress and now is not needed. As you can see, the instructions are still with it, sticking out of the neck. I decided to bring it upstairs and put it in my sunroom. There was a wood corner cabinet here and I moved it to my son's room in the basement. It sure brightened up the corner, and it's just...FUN! It was free!!!!
Here she is all dressed for Spring! With her pretty vintage spring scarf and apron on. Guess she would fit in on a Pink Saturday too! I've decided to name her "Maude", since the day I brought her upstairs was the day Beatrice Arthur died. At least when I talk about "Maude", everyone will know who I mean, right? I'm looking forward to dressing her different for holidays, or whatever. I have enough vintage aprons to get there the next year.
Guess you can't get much more thrifty than FREE!? Huh? I've enjoyed my first Thrifty Thursday, and I'm warnin' ya, I got alot of 'em!!! Join Leigh at for many more!!


  1. No, you can't beat free! : ) Love your dress form. So nice of your mom to look out for one for you.

  2. Love Spring and all the outdoor flowers and tables. What awesome blossoms on your green table. And jealous of your dress forms...I want one. Just started the hunt.


  3. I sort of want one of these even though I don't have ANY room for one. Maybe I can get rid of a some of my husband's stuff... :)

  4. Free is my favorite kind of thrifty! The seamstress models looks very nice.

  5. Love your dress form and I look forward to seeing how she's "dressed" for all these upcoming events and holidays! Have fun with Maude!

  6. I have seen these at my moms shop and never knew quite what to do with one now I want one too

  7. i love maude, and she looks good in that,mom

  8. What nothng new??? mom


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