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Monday, May 18, 2009

Three or More Tuesday

My three or more this week, is dolls. I have more than this, but I've kinda hit the highlights. the first one below is Princess Di in the white dress that has pearls on it. It's from one of the collectible places, don't remember which one, but I had to make payments on it - so it's kinda expensive. One of the highlights I've had in the past 10 years was to drive to the Precious Moments Chapel in Missouri and see the Princess Di dress collection that was there. The actual dress that is on the doll below was there, and I almost cried!

These Phantom of the Opera dolls are from the same place as the Princess Di, you'd think a person spends that kind of money on a doll, they'd at least remember where....hmmm.....

The doll below was my Grandma Alleys and you've probably seen her on my post before. She is wearing one of my Easter dresses from when I was a litle girl.

The doll below was one that Santa gve me when I was little. The doll actually came with her own doll, and my sister got it. We got look alike clothes, and beds, and blankets. All of which I still have.
The last two shown are from the same company as the others, now I'm getting curious myself. They are both angel dolls, and one of them is named Angela. I bought it because it's my daughter's name. I also have an Emily doll, but didn't take her photo, I don't know why......
I love the blue eyes on these two, because all of our family have blue eyes.

I love my dolls, each and every one has such a special place in my world!

Join everyone over at for more "Three or More" Fun!!!


  1. Hi Sandi, I live about 20 minutes from Carthage, MO. (I live in Webb City, MO)...I always like to go to the Precious Moments Chapel and Park...Your collection is beautiful, a lot of sweet memories.

  2. They are just beautiful... What a nice collection...
    ~Really Rainey~

  3. Happy 'Three Or More'
    I love your wonderful collection of dolls especially the one that was your grandmas.
    Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful Tuesday,

  4. What a wonderful doll collection - I especially love that each one has a special memory for you. Love the vintage ones!

  5. Beautiful dolls.

    Have a great Tuesday!!

  6. Very special dolls. I remember getting a brown eyed doll (like me) when I was little. It was unusual because all the dollies had blue eyes. Unlike yours mine is long gone.

  7. I"m not a "doll" person, so it's always a big thing when I can say that you really have a great collection there. These dolls are truly pretty!
    Let me explain. I have an irrational fear of dolls. I chalk it up to staying up late with my father and watching "Trilogy of Terror" ugh! LOL! I actually have some Ashton Drake Collectible bride dolls, but they are all put up right now. I can be around them in the day, but at night...nope! I'm a big chicken. Told ya' Irrational fear :p

  8. Good morning Sandi! You really have a great doll collection. I love the old one that Santa gave you! Happy 3 or more...

  9. I love how your dolls are more than just collectibles -- they have stories, too!

    I also love dolls, and remember so many dear favorites from my childhood. I think playing with dolls made me a better mom!



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