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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Porch and Patio Party!

Welcome to the Porch and Patio Party!! May 5, 2009

At the beginning of the year, we slowly begin to bring out the furniture. The grill stays out year round. The deck is 44 feet long and 12' wide. We intend to put a roof over it someday, much like Susan has. The sunset in the west is always our favorite thing to do on the deck. Look at the airplane tracks!!

The barn is part of the view.

The bridge is part of the view from the deck.

Since I don't have a roof on my deck (yet) I have a hanging planter for my petunias. I decided to plant everything in red this year since I'm planning on painting my front door red.

Everyone looks to see what flag I'm flying, this spring it's the flip flops.

Last spring we had our granddaughter's baptism at our church and had a house full of company. I went to Walmart and decided I was going to buy everything I could to dress up the deck for the weekend. I purchased 4 folding chairs, 2 stacking tables, plants, pots, a rug, an awning, and 6 tiki torches with oil. I pushed around 2 carts to get it all in, and went to check out. I checked out and the total was right at $300.00 for everything. As I was pushing out the door to go to the parking lot there was a "helper" there who asked if I would like help to get my purchases to the car and of course I said yes. We are going across the parking lot and as we get close to my car, this lady stops and says "You are joking! There is NO WAY we are going to get all this stuff in that little tiny car!". You see, I have 2 door Chevy Cobalt. I laughed, thinking she was just joking and turned around and saw the look of horror on her face! Then I did laugh! I explained to her that we would make it all fit, that I live 1 1/2 hours from Walmart and didn't intend to make this trip twice! It fit - I had stuff packed TOTALLY around me, but it Fit!

The table cloth is another one of my vintage finds from an auction. There were two in the box, one this BRIGHT green, another in yellow. They are lace and in excellent condition. They hold up very well to the weather, I change them back and forth in the summer and so far they've held up to the 100+ temperatures for the past 3 years.

Below you see the cement bowl that I got on close out from Hobby Lobby years ago, and it's sat out for several summers too. The word rocks are from Dollar General, and the other rocks that are there are candle holders from Party Lite.

I love the hummingbird in the bottom of the bowl. The mosaic works is very pretty.

My wire shelves have candle holders and bird houses on, and is placed in the sitting area.

My Walmart rug pulls the whole thing together.

When we bought the old bank to make it into my photography studio, this bench was in the basement. it actually folds and is very stable. I've used it in my studio for photos, but decided this year it would be nice on the deck. The wicker heart above is one I've had for years and it was painted "country" blue when I bought it. It's been dark green and this year DH painted it white so I could copy off of Susan at Between Naps On the Porch's daisy idea. I really like the way it turned out!

Our ongoing porch/deck project! We have problems in the Summer with this being on the south side of the house it gets REALLY hot and if the wind blows then it's even worse. Spring and fall are the best times of the year for our deck. We will add an awning when it gets too hot to sit out in the open. Thanks for stopping by. Join everyone at for more Porch and Patio fun.


  1. Hello! What a great porch you have for visiting. I love all the room and the decor and chairs you have are great. I enjoyed looking at all of it!


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