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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday/Today's Thrifty Treasures

Changing this to a double post, since it definitely fits the description!!!

Remember a few weeks back DH and I had been junking at a town nearby? Well, if you don't remember, let me refresh. We spent the evening driving around this small town picking up some items that we just couldn't live without. The table shown above is the Metamorphosis for this week. As you can see, it needed some TLC, but had good bones. The table has the cutest little drawer, and the way it's put together makes it an obvious antique. DH took it home, cleaned, it up and first took off the top. The top had been replaced before and was a piece of plywood, with wood-look contact paper on it. DH sent me to Home Depot the next week to find a piece of wood that could be used for the top. He measured and cut it to fit and it looked good. After that I knew we had a hit here. It was looking good, but DH wasn't done. DH decided the left over piece of board from the top could be added to make dress it up a little. He added the curved board on the back for decoration by using a 5 gallon bucket for the middle curve, and barrell for the outside curves. It certainly added a little attitude, don't you think? After several coats of white paint, it was ready for placement.

It has such neat detail with the carved legs and all.

I think it turned out pretty well, and it was certainly in my price range! It's hard to find a nice bedside table that is tall enough for this bed and I think we did well this time!!!

Thanks for joining me on this MetMonday post. It's been fun! Join in on the fun with us at with Susan who's definitely the best hostess ever. Judging from the amount of people that are members of her blog I think quite a few others agree with me!
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  1. I love it. What a great redo and it looks so pretty. I love the white paint. Gorgeous new top also. Hugs, Marty

  2. Love it ! I am addicted to painting my finds too ! Can hardly wait to see what you do with the rest !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  3. It turned out very nice!! Well done...

  4. Lovely! I am looking for a table for my husband's side of the bed that is also tall enough give me hope.

  5. The curved board in the back makes it cuter. Good job.

  6. Very nice transformation :-) I love that your hubby thought to add the extra bit of detail with the piece along the back of the table :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  7. Love the table transformation. It is so pretty!

  8. oh I love finding things like this and painting

    great transformation

    happy met monday


  9. That is a great looking table! I love it & thanks for playing along.

  10. Love that adorable table!

  11. What a find in that table! Y'all did a great job on the re-do!

  12. How great that you and your husband enjoy doing this together! Your table turned out great and I really like the added curves!

  13. What a beautiful little table. Looks great. I love finds like that. I also love the little blue ottoman.


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