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Friday, May 1, 2009

Pink Saturday

Later on you really should "swing" on over to Bev's for more Pink Saturday posts at but first, stay for the party!!! You are all invited to Greta's first birthday party. While she's waiting for guests to arrive she's going to keep busy as usual.

First she will swing and entertain her dad and his guests.

Papa will be there just in case she needs him.

Greta will keep Mommy occupied for awhile. She's not walking yet, but sometimes forgets and tries to just GO.
Aunt Beemer (Emilie) is her friend too. I don't have a photo of Annie, guess she was camera shy that day....Hmmm....
We all took turns spoiling her rotten while we were waiting for the guests to arrive. Greta and Meme enjoyed hangin' out. Cousin Ethan is in the background.

Everything is ready for a pink birthday party for a very special little girl!!!

Daddy even had pink flowers in the window boxes!

This is baby Emma, dressed up and ready for her cousin Greta's first birthday party.

I fell in LOVE with this chair and ottoman that I found in LTD last year. As soon as I knew I was having a Granddaughter, I ordered it for her first birthday!!! When GD #2 came along in January - I order another one and it's sitting on the shelf waiting!!!

Greta enjoyed her gifts, her first doll from Aunt Annie. I think she likes the chair too. Anyway, she likes crawling in and out of it. It took awhile before we got her to get in and sit down instead of stand, but she finally got the hang of it.

Let me at 'em!!
To heck with being lady-like, it's CAKE!!!

Daddy made a stepping stone for the yard with Greta's foot prints in it while we were celebrating.
The strawberry cupcakes were topped with sugar cookie letters, all in pink of course! Last week we had the Pink Saturday baby shower that was for this darling little girl. I hardly seems possible that it's been a year already. Thanks for staying and enjoying the fun! Meet you at Bev's to check out more PINK!!!


  1. What a great thing to post beautiful grandaughters and the fabulous pinkness!

    I love the chair and ottoman ~ you're a woman after my own heart someone who plans ahead!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love all the Pink! I looks like the Party was a fun one. Now what I want to know is where can I get a cute chair and ottoman like that in my Size! :) Thank YOu for sharing a fun family event.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Love your post - that chair and ottoman are so sweet! Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Granddaughter's and PINK sure go together. Thanks for sharing, Esther

  5. Running late this week visiting blogs....Hope you had a Happy Pink Saturday ~ Susan

  6. CUTE PINK post... yummy cupcakes too!


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