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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who's the Winner? It's game night!

It's game night! I seriously dreamed this tablescape on Sunday night. Got up on Monday, and KNEW what I was going to do this week. Ok, so my brain doesn't sleep while the rest of me does - what to do - what to do!

How about some scrabble tiles for place cards!

Thanks for joining me as I play the game of LIFE with all of you every day! I can't really say I have a MONOPOLY on it, but close! I only have UNO chance to tell you how much I enjoy your comments, so PITCH in and let me have it! Sorry, the game thing kinda got me telling TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES.

White dishes - Christmas gift from DD#2 family last year

Black dishes - Dollar General for $7.00 on clearance

Red plates - close out Walmart - .25 each last winter

Martini glasses - Christmas gift from DS and family

White table cloth - had it for a long time

Black and white check - recently purchased for a project you will hear more about later

Silverware - Dollar General 1.00 for 4 of each

Napkin Rings - had them forever - free domino on top

Game pieces - out of the closet. The hard part will be picking them all up and putting them away!


  1. I love this!! I was just saying to my mother and sister this evening that a game night table would be fantastic, and here it is. You did such a wonderful job on this. I love the black, white, and red color scheme, especially the gingham. The scrabble place cards are my favorite part of all.

    Really, I love this. You scored big time.

  2. Love your tablescape and I know a lot of people who would appreciate as much as we do. Playing games has always been a way of life in our family. During the holidays we play a lot of "Taboo" and "Crainium" about hilarious. They need to make addtional cards for the Taboo though because we pretty much know all the answers now since we've played it so much. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful evening. Fondly, Roberta

  3. What a fun and original table you have set. I love the dominoes for napkin rings and it gave me an idea should I have our friends over for dinner followed by Mexican Train! Thanks.

  4. This is way darling! love the colors, so graphic! I dream ideas like that sometimes, too. Started writing them down when I wake up, so I won't forget! Lezlee

  5. What a great setting and you've been inspired to enjoy it-love that:@)

  6. I love this! Wonderful creative table!

  7. Love this! What a cute and clever idea -- I'm sure this was fun to put together.

  8. Oh, how cute! Just love, love, LOVE the red and black and all the details. The dice as a napkin ring and the black and white checks along with the pops of red. Just adorable. I would love to go to game night at this table.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  9. You totally rocked this table! What a cute, cute, CUTE idea to use the scrabble tiles as place cards!!! And the domino napkin rings...pure genius, my friend! What a fun table!!! You really "scored" on this one! :-)

  10. This is precious! I love your creative table. Makes me want to sit down and play! Thanks for sharing, this is great!

  11. What a great theme for a tablescape and you went all out! Love the scrabble tiles as placecards! The red/black/white is so striking and goes with the games!


  12. How fun is that?!? Reminds me of New Year's Eve!

  13. Okay, Sandi, you definitely WIN the tablescaping game this week! How amazing that you DREAMED this one up -- and then put it together with such creativity using items you already had! Clever, clever!

  14. Different tablescape love the domino napkin ring..Easy peasy lol Red and black so eye popper. Love it

  15. So clever and so cute! I just love each little detail. Black and white with a pop of red always works so well. I think the thing that delights me the most is that you dreamed about this!

  16. Great napkin rings and super idea for game night. Love the place cards! Thank you for sharing your neat ideas. Cherry Kay

  17. OMG, what a creative the napkin rings, Sandi.

  18. I love this game table! Thanks for the great ideas and thank you for being my new follower on MAY DAYS. I'm also going follow your inspirational blog.


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