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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vintage Thursday

One of my mostest favoritest things in the whole wide world if vintage PHOTOS!!
When my Grandma Alley died, I got tubs full of negatives. The train is one I had printed. No idea where it's taken, or what train it was - let alone what year.
Here I am sitting on Daddy's 50 Studebaker. I don't ever remember riding in it, although it was always in the family until my Uncle's auction last month. (Mom said Dad didn't want me to get it dirty!)He bought it from my Dad right before he died. It had less than 50,000 miles on it, and sold for $4,400. Love this photo - look at my skirt! What colors do you think it was? Hmmm..... Mom, can you clarify that?
Here I am swinging, and over my shoulder is our home. Yes, it was our home. We lived there til I was 5, I believe. Mom, Dad, Me, and baby sister, Susan.

I'm on the left - with the cowboy boots. The story is, if I couldn't wear my boots - I wouldn't go! Kinda funny, because I have a grand daughter who LOVES her new cowboy boots!

This photo shows my Uncle Harold (who recently passed), my Mom and Dad. My uncle owned the gas station, and my Dad worked for him ALL HIS LIFE, 60-80 hours a day and FAR from minimum wage, no benefits, but it was a job. What would happen today if we had to do that?

Thanks for joining me as I walked down Memory Lane! Find others doing the same thing at the below link:


  1. I thinkin' it was 60 hours a week, don't you think? mom the skirt was black yelllow and orange. I made it!

  2. I enjoyed seeing your photos. They really have a vintage look. I don't remember having cowboy boots, but I had a cowboy hat and guns etc.

  3. WHat great vintage photos! You in the boots reminds me of my daughter when she was that age, she wore her red boots everywhere!! I loved the train photo and the gas station one, too bad those days are long gone!! Happy VTT!

  4. Incredible photos and family history. Love that dress on you. Thanks for sharing - Happy VTT!

  5. Love the pictures! That is so cool that you have them:)

  6. What a sweet post Sandi! I love the cowboy boots with a dress...I am that same kind of girl, lol.


  7. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family photos. I too love looking at old photos.

  8. These are great. How cute were you??? I think the dress looks like it's red and blue. Wonder if your mom remembers. I love old photos just like you. I could look at them and hear the stories all day.

  9. Sandi, these are truly treasures! I hope you have labeled as much information on the backs of the photos as you can remember. It will be important to the next generation.

    I love your pretty dress & those cowboy boots! I had a similar pair & my hair was as blonde as yours, too!!!

    Do you have an account? I recently signed up & you can upload any of these wonderful photos for your entire family to have access to, as well as unknown relatives who might be searching for connections. It has been fun & very rewarding.

  10. I really did enjoy seeing these old photos. Weren't our clothes "interesting" back in the day! I bet your skirt was very colorful. 60 hrs is alot of working time!



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