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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vintage Thingie Thursday

I have lived with Sandi for about 8 years. I belonged to her Grandmother, then to her mother. I was used for many different things and have seen many different times. This is a diary of some of the things I've seen.
I don't know how old I am, I have lived in many lovely homes. I'm not made out of fancy wood, and have lived a very simple life.
In the early part of the 20th century communication was by hand written letters. The mail was carried by horse and rider.
An oil lamp would have provided light for the desk. Few accessories were needed, as
times were hard and "things" weren't important.
A pair of wire rim glasses would be used.
A photo of the lady and her soldier would adorn my desktop.
A feather pen would have been appropriate for the time. The lady would write to her soldier if he is away fighting in a war.
(( This piece of jewelry belonged to my Step Dad's mother. It has a hand made clasp on the back and a large pink jewel in the middle. It's not shiney gold, but rather a dusky gold (is that a color?) It is well over 100 years old. ))
Note from Sandi: I hope you enjoyed my little presentation. Next week I will show my secretary in the next "season of her life".
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  1. I agree...what stories that piece could tell. I often wonder that myself. Lovely post. Happy VTT!

  2. I often think the same way about old pieces of furniture I have. Great pictures!


  3. I love your story telling, and the accessories you chose to go along with each part of the story, so clever! What a wonderful piece. Happy VTT!

  4. What an interesting vintage feature for today. I enjoyed how you took us back in time.

  5. She has a lot to say for a secretary that can't talk!

  6. I really enjoyed the way you relayed the history of this secretary. The items are lovely, Love the picture

  7. Such a charming post! How wonderful that you have kept your secretary in the family all these years and I love your presentation.

    Happy VTT,

  8. I truly enjoyed your sweet story about your desk.I am looking forward to more. Your vintage treasures are wonderful.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  9. Love it Sandi. You often wonder what stories pieces of furniture would tell, and here we have it, brilliant!

  10. I really wish we could hear the stories that old things would tell!

  11. I thought I was the only one who thought my vintage pieces have a story and personality....great post!


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