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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

White Wednesday

My Aunt was going through things to have an auction, earlier this Spring. She came across these two little dresses, and thought I might like them. One of them was marked with a magic marker, on the BACK of the dress "grandma's baby dress". We won't ever know which Grandma they were talking about, but I didn't care! I brought them home and soaked them for 4 days in Oxiclean, changing the water frequently. It was SO gross and smelly! But they turned out real nice.

The long one has such details - the cuffs of the sleeves are pleated. The short one has an intricate eyelet lace that trims it. They were both sewn on machine and HAND stitched in some placec.
Buttonholes are by hand on both of them.

The short one is very flared in the skirt. Kinda reminds me more of a slip than a dress. Would have been perfect under a little apron. It buttons all the way down the back, and the buttons are gone. :(
The white dress is cotton, and the long dress is a scratchy fabric, almost like it has wool in it. Maybe is even flour sack material? Don't know, never will I suppose.
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  1. Muslin perhaps. So fortunate that they are in this terrific state, they are beautiful!

  2. They are wonderful. I would display such a treasure with such great pleasure and pride in my home.

  3. Don't you just love old treasures like that!!! Happy WW

  4. Hi Sandi, they are beautiful. I am crazy about old textiles and linens. I have recently learned the Oxiclean method and love using it. ♥O

  5. Beautiful treasures, Sandi. You did a nice job on them!


  6. Oh how nice! I love the handstitched button holes!

  7. It is sad that our own heirlooms can get lost just because no one knows who they belonged to. I am glad you rescued them!!

  8. They are lovely! Beautiful workmanship too.


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