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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Not your typical Thanksgiving Table!

We are not having our turkey meal until Friday night, so this is what we had for Thanksgiving. One of our kids and her family were able to come for supper, so we had a soup and sandwich meal tonight. Tomorrow night will be the turkey meal, so I have one for next week!

Lovin' this blue turkey. I've had it forever! I was one of those who decorated with blue years ago, so this is left over from then.

Silver chargers, white Gibson Dishes, silverware I've had forever.

Since I only have 4 blue napkins, I had to substitute with a couple of white ones.
Even the back of the turkey is full and fluffy.

I got these candle holders at an garage sale for $1.00 for 3 of them, I'm only using two tonight.
I bought this tablerunner years ago when my whole house was done in blues. Wow, that was awhile ago - thank goodness!

I love the swirly textures that are shared by the plates, the glassware and if you look in the reflexion in the stem - there's swirls in the table runner also.

Thanks for stopping by for another Tablescape Thursday, and thanks to our hostess Susan. Please join me and the others at the below link:


  1. I know lots of people who have their big dinner on a different day. My sister-in-law told me that they NEVER had T'giving on Thursday since her dad was a pilot. He was always flying on Thursday. Her family always waited until Saturday when he was home. I love your blue table and your fabric turkey. Pretty table!

  2. We are having our family Thanksgiving Saturday, down in Yates Center. Your blue and white table is very striking.

  3. Oh my goodness, Sandi, this is just a wonderful table. It's completely different from any I have seen, and I think it's lovely.

  4. Love that your table is mostly in blues! This is so pretty!

  5. What a pleasant change from earth tones. Very pretty blues and whites.

  6. Very pretty Sandi. I like the selection of blue for Thanksgiving. It's a nice change up from the more expected Fall color themes.

  7. Blue always works for me! I'm a blue and white girl from way back, and your tablescape is delightful. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay


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