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Monday, November 1, 2010

Mom Cave Monday

I have done several Met Monday posts on the renovations of my Mom Cave. I didn't know that was the name of it though, until I decided to do this post! This room previously, was an unuseable area, just because of the lack of organizion. I hired a professional organizer to come in and design what I needed, and took a giant leap forward to the below results. I sometimes just walk in there, look around and LEAVE!
This is the sewing station. The drawers to the right hold everything I need at the sewing machine. Threads, bobbins, scissors, extra pair of bifocal's - you name it. To the right, is the below cabinet.
Look at this cabinet! Full of fabrics, piled in colors, love, love, love it!
This is my scrapbook station. It also serves as a great place to put my tabletop ironing board while I'm sewing, so I can sew, and press, all withing easy reach.
This drawer is awesome! It's deep, it's wide, it shallow, so it holds all the things I need for a scrapbook project. As you can see, it's full. So, I need to get busy!
This is the bill paying station. Complete with everything within reach to pay bills. Checkbook, envelopes, stamps, address labels, computer, pens/pencils, and a calendar. It almost makes it fun!
This is my computer station, where I archive, print, or whatever I'm doing with photos. To the right (seen in the bottom right) is a bank of drawers with the storage as described below.
This drawer is for CD's, blank and full. Within easy reach when I'm blogging. Also, there's printer cartridges and about anything else I could need when archiving photos.
This drawer holds greeting cards, and those every loving address labels that come by the 100's at our house! Also, a small photo printer - what every photographer has to have.
Thanks for joining me as I join others at the Mom Cave post, which can be found at the below link:


  1. wow- that's neat--maybe I can do something like it too- you are inspiring me to finally tackle my desk drawers--ack!

  2. This is very nice, so well organized. You must enjoy working and relaxing here. (-:

  3. That is awesome, and so very organized. My kids wouldn't be able to stand themselves, they'd have to "rearrange" those drawers lol!

  4. Very, very nice Sandi!! I could live in here! I like all the different stations and the storage is fantastic! Lucky you!


  5. What a wonderful space. I will check your previous posts to see how you did all this.
    good luck with the contest.

  6. Very nice Mom all's you need are some dream boards and perhaps a mirror for more light reflecting off your big window and you sure can find those things at HomeGoods. Best of luck, fondly, Roberta

  7. Wow!! I love yours. I have been busy this morning and haven't had time to check out the MM Mom Caves. I don't have one. I just meander all over the house. I would LOVE to have yours!

  8. Oh my...this is SO wonderful!!!

  9. I need to get more storage units or vessels for getting organized. I have a very small space to work with and that's not easy. Nice job! Your work/storage area looks great!

  10. Love the organization, great job!


  11. What a great space! I love that you have it set up for a variety of activities. My favorite kitchen was set up in a u shape... very easy to access everything. Love it.


  12. Wow this is wonderful! I would love to have a professional organizer come into my house, how fun~!

  13. very nice cave...I think I need a professional organizer!


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