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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mosaic Monday

I have really enjoyed making mosaic's- so much that I make them ahead of time. The one below was made with different photos from different times. The large color photo was taken earlier this spring. During the summer, the top of it was blown off, and there are no longer blades on it. Kinda sad, cause it was SO pretty the way it was.
The small photo is of a stone house 2 miles from our house that is very well known on Highway 36. On an average of 3 times a week, someone is stopped along the highway taking a photo of it. I'll have more photos next week in another mosaic of the house.
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Thanks for hosting Mosaic Monday, Little Red House. Please join me as I go see what other mosaic's there are this week.


  1. Great mosaic. I realize that Kansas looks quite a bit like Illinois!


  2. I wonder who use to live in the house and why they left? I am also having fun making mosaics but the site I use is limited so I need to branch out and see what other ones I can use. Thanks for bringing your part of the USA to my doorstep today with your lovely mosaic.

  3. Very nice mosaics. Tell us what program you use to do these. Thanks.

  4. Great mosaic! Kansas skyscraper :)

  5. I adore windmills, so of course your mosaic speaks to me quite loudly. I love it. I am also curious about the old house. My favorite things to photograph include old houses and barns.

    Like the other bloggers, I would love to know what program you use to make your mosaics. The layout is very nice.

  6. Beautiful! Kansas looks VERY much like Nebraska....lots of windmills and old farmsteads :)


  7. Hello Sandi. Such an awesome photos and mosaic!

    Have a great week.

    PS. I hope you saw the post the other week October 10. I featured your blog on my PS post. Hope you like it.)

  8. These are wonderful...I especially love those windmills!

  9. The answer to everyone's question about what program I use, is Picnik. I subscribed to the premium program, which is 24.99 per year. Definitely one of the best bargains I've gotten in a long time. I use it to tweak ALL my photos, including wedding and Sr. pictures. I had an issue last week, but sent them a quick message, and they responded practically immediately, and were able to describe to me via email how to fix it, and IT WORKED! I'm very happy with them again! Ha!

  10. I had to come by and say that your comment you left me today just cracked me up! If I was picking a winner by the best would win! I just read it to my daughter Lauren and she giggled too! Too funny!!!

  11. Beautiful mosaics!..Christine

  12. Lovely images - you are so talented. I enjoy your blog.

    Have a nice evening,

  13. Well now, I think I kinda like your Kansas skyscrapers! :) thanks so much for joining the fun at MM. :)


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