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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday - Atchison, Kansas Friendship Forest

We're taking a tour of the International Forest of Friendship, in Atchison, Kansas. There was a bench just waiting for me to have my pix taken! As stated on the sign, the forest was started by the "99's", a group of women pilots that Amelia Ehrhart started, and continues to this day.
The gates were closed, but there is a road, so you can drive through the forest, or a you can abandon the car and take a walk on a nice day. And, we were lucky that it was truly a beautiful weekend, weather wise and OTHER wise!
The forest has a tree from every state, as well as a number of foreign countries. It's kind of amazing to see the tree from Israel, or the one from Eqypt. They look a lot like our trees, but there's a difference. A sidewalk takes you to through the forest, and it takes about an hour. If you don't read the signs, it probably would only take 15 minutes. But, you know me! I had to know as much as I could!
The above tree is the product of a seed that was taken aboard Apollo 14, in 1971. The seed traveled to the moon, then was brought back to earth and planted. So, in essence, this tree has been to the moon AND back! This tree has the plaque under it, to let you know you've got the right one!
The above memorial is at the foot of the moon tree.

Atchison is also the home of Mary Garrity, owner of Nell Hill's. She is one of the reasons we made the trip and are glad we did. There is much to see and do there, and we tried to take it ALL in, in 3 days!

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  1. This was an interesting post. I love the name...Forest of Friendship.


  2. I saw the movie Amelia Earhart this past weekend. Great movie!! How interesting about this International Forest of Friendship...another reason I NEED to go to Atchison :)

  3. Wow, I've never heard of the Moon Tree or the International Forst of Friendship. Thanks for sharing the photos of your trip. I enjoy learning about other area, so that if I ever visit, I'll know where I want to go.

    Have a wonderful evening and stop by my blog, if you can, because I'm having a Halloween Giveaway starting tomorrow till 10/31.

    Nice to meet you!

  4. This is a very interesting post, I have never heard of thr Friendship Forest. Great Pics 8~)
    I am a follower , if I have not already entered please enter me in your give away.
    ~Myrna Lee

  5. Hi Sandi, wonderful post. I am hoping to visit this area soon as my husband's family all live in Kansas City.

    I'm sorry about the giveaway problem. I know and can understand your frustration. Your giveaway was truly lovely....never question that.

    Have a wonderful Halloween.

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  6. I never knew there was a moon tree and that is so incredable. That walk thru the forest must have been a beautiful one, Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Halloween, Char

  7. Never heard of them taking a seed to the moon. It's interesting that they then planted it and there's the tree!! I've been a follower for awhile now. Is that all there is to entering your givaway!


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