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Monday, July 6, 2009

Three of more Tuesday

Our cabin at the lake is a place we got to relax and have fun. That is why when I chose how to decorate I chose relaxing and fun. We have had the lot with a different cabin on it since 1982, and almost 20 years ago put in the cabin we have now. Our other cabin was much smaller. In the kitchen, the was this cow that I had hanging above the kitchen stove. Now she has a special home on the top of a quilt rack, hanging on the wall. I have over 200 cows scattered throughout the cabin now, but I promise not to show them all! There's the cow and barn tea set, with salt and pepper to the right, and planter pot filled with parade beads on the left. There are stuffed cows everywhere, especially in the guest bedroom. I have this "cow" popcorn tin, and a cow bell that I found at an auction. You can't have cows without having sunflowers.This sits on the bedside table in the guest bedroom.

The beverage set was brought home from Cabo, via carry on luggage, with DH carrying the pitcher and me carrying the glasses. They made it - unscathed! So, I obviously have three or more cows, vignette's with cows in them at my cabin at the lake! Thanks for hanging out with us at the cabin, come back when you can stay longer! Go on over to more three or more treats!


  1. My niece and her husband dressed as cows one year for Halloween. Oh the udders....I can still picture the udders. Not two you would have wanted for you cute collection.

  2. Oh my you do have a lot of cows!!
    Cows in the kitchen, cows int he guest room!
    What critters do you have at home? Or only cows at he cabin?

    blessings and thanks for all those cute cow pics.

    barbara jean

  3. Can't go wrong with cows. I have always thought they had such pretty faces. I'm sure some people wont agree with me but I'm a sucker for big brown eyes.

  4. Love your collection of cows. My favorites are the stuffed ones. Thanks for sharing them.


  5. How fun! I have a friend who's daughter collected cows in her teenage years.We even made a cowquilt for her. The love for bovine's went over when she reached her twenties.

  6. Seeing your cows makes me wanna go "moooooo". LOL (my husband "moos" every time he sees a cow....after 25 years of marriage, I'm afraid he has rubbed off on me)

    Love the pitcher & glasses from Cabo & I don't even have a thing for cows!

  7. Hi Sandi, everything is just darling. Love your vingettes.


  8. the cows just make you happy looking at them...... a bunch of cuties..

  9. I am moooingggggggggg moooooooo.. hehehehe they are super cute! hookay happy moo cows.. line up in straight line.. hehehehe.. have a great day!


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