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Thursday, July 30, 2009

HELP!!! I need you to get me through this!!

I've got it all ready - each entry for the drawing is numbered and ready to go. But where in the world is the random drawing thingy located that people use to help them out? I could write numbers on pieces of paper, and do it that way, but there are 208 entries and I was SO excited to get to use the random number draw-er thingy. Can you direct me to the link? Please????


  1. Howdy is the place.
    the link is below.
    good luck .

    Happy Trails

  2. Glad someone had the info because I do not.
    The photo of baby in tummy, you are very welcome to use as you wish.Hope my number comes up ;-)

  3. Nice to know - I did it the old fashioned way!


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