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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thrifty Tablescape Thursday

I'm setting the table for breakfast tomorrow morning. We are at the lake, and have 2 of the Grandsons with us. They love to have me cook when we are at the lake especially. They have requested bacon, sausage, eggs, and toast. Of course there are also donut holes and cinnamon rolls to fill up those little spaces before lunch!

I'm sure everyone recognizes the old dishes I have at the lake. We actually got them out of the dumpster, someone must have gotten new ones. As one of my favorite bloggers said awhile back, Corelle isn't my favorite, but it sure works at the lake! The silverware is from my "hope chest" circa 1972. I got it out of "Duz" Laundry Soap, one place setting at a time. They have seen us through 37 years, so I guess that makes them pretty thrifty! Kinda funny how they match the dishes, huh?
We have a candle on the table that is in a quart jar. It's cinnamon apple, my favorite scent, always makes my DH think I'm baking something for him!
I have a friend who made me the below napkins rings. They are in a special little barn holder that stores them when not in use. There are 5 napkins rings, one for each in our family at the time she made them. The cows are salt and pepper.
In the front left to right is Emilie, Angie, and Jeff, and back left to right is Myself and Eldon. Notice that the girls all have blonde hair, which we do; and my husband even has a beard, which he does.
She took great care to make them pretty detailed. You can see the cow table cloth, and bandana napkins. I bought the bandana's for our son and DIL's wedding reception at our house. I think I got 20 of them so we use them for a lot of things.
Even the back of them are detailed.

They all store inside the fence, and the barn holds paper napkins too.
The back of the barn is painted in detail too, and this is an overhead view of the table.
Glad you could stop in, be sure and come back sometime. I will be over at Susan's to see what's going on at!!! Then, in all my spare time, I'll check in for more Thrifty Thursday ideas with Leigh and her friends at !!! It's gonna be a great day!!!


  1. Oh what cuteness! I love those napkin rings. How sweet - I'm sure your grands love the table set "special" for their breakfast.

  2. What a great looking fun time. Thanks for your kind words for my daughter. I am so tired I can only respond to those of you who left a comment. I will be back in full force tomorrow. My heart is so full of gratitude for the successful surgery and all you deal blog friends.

  3. How sweet are those napkin rings? I love them :) And, by the way, what time should I be there for breakfast? Now I am hungry for Sausage and Toast! A little country gravy on the side please maa'm. Hope you have a beautiful week!! xo

  4. we had that exact silverware set when i was growing up~boy did that just bring back a flood of memories!!!
    so nice to meet another midwesterner...

  5. I really love your napkin rings. Beautifully detailed and the holder is just adorable. I would end up playing with them while eating tee hehehe!

  6. I didn't know someone made those and that they were of our family! How cool is that!

  7. This is so cute. The kiddos will enjoy this!!

  8. Hi Sweet Lady!

    You brought back such memories with those dishes, I ate off the same pattern of Corelle for most of my childhood, they're practically indestructible! Love your napkin rings and your tablescape is lovely!!


  9. What a darling and fun table! Your Grandchildren must have been so thrilled. The napkin rings are great!


  10. From one Dori to another! What a mooovalous table...cute. Now going to check out your giveaway.

  11. That is just too cute. I have never seen napkin rings like that or even close. What a treasure!!

  12. Oh how fun. I loved it. I hope you have a wonderful time at the lake. I came over from Candy's I think I followed your giveway button on her blog.
    I'll post it and put me in to enter.
    Nice to meet you.

  13. I love that silverware! And I remember Corelle. They still make it, don't they?

  14. This is so sweet! I love the 'Duz' dishes and flatware! My Mom's are long gone, but I remember them well! Thanks for the memory!
    Great tablescape! Great post!

  15. What a fun table! I love the tablecloth!!!

    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  16. The napkin rings are adorable! The cow pattern tablecloth and the bandana napkins are perfect for this cute tablescape!


  17. I hadn't heard about your dishes, now that was smart to rescue them. Don't you wish more companies now would have giveaways in their products like Duz did. What cute napkin holders and how nice of your friend. Have fun at the lake!


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