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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Show and Tell Friday and Pink Saturday

I have one pink depression glass cake plate. My DH found it in the dump many, many years ago. That was back in the day when you could take your stuff to the dump yourself, and of course rummage through things (and bring home) what you wanted.
The flowers almost look like sunflowers - hmmmm............
Love the scalloped edges!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, beginning with Show and Tell Friday


  1. Absolutely gorgeous piece of pink depression glass. Such beautiful details! Thanks so much for all your lovely comments. ~ Susie

  2. Beautiful glass, and your pictures show the details so well.

  3. Sandi, inthe county where our old house is you still can go to a dump and rummage! This ia a lovely pink glass. Thanks for visiting all my rust. Have a blessed weekend♥olive

  4. You have a treasure indeed!! The Depression Glass is a collector's item to be sure.

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    Do come by to say hello if you have time!

  5. Love depression glass! I can't believe that he found it AT THE DUMP! Score!

  6. Depression Glass is a favorite of mine, too. That looks like the bronze color. It's a gem.

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  7. Beautiful depression glass. I love the pink.

  8. It is always amazing what people throw away! Lovely.

  9. Happy Pink Saturday, Sandi.

    I love pink Depression Glass, and this piece is gorgeous. What a lucky find.

  10. Very pretty cake plate, Sandi. The pattern is Mayfair, also called Open Rose. Fun piece when you make a cake. Thank you for posting.

  11. Can you imagine!!?? Who in the world would dump that?? Good for your husband to grab that for you! :)

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  12. Hi Sandi! I just stopped by to say hello! That is a beautiful pie plate. I love to bake and cook and nothing sets off a great baked good like a beautiful pie plate.

    I also wanted to say 'Welcome' to my bog...I couldn't find an e-mail address for you, so I'll say Welcome via comment. I signed up to follow you too.

    I look forwad to getting to know you more through each post.



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