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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Its a Vintage, Thrifty, Tablescape Thursday!

by Sandi
She looked down at her hands and they were shaking. Miss Greta wasn’t sure if it was nervousness, or excitement, but either way – it was deserved. 48 hours ago, she was sitting in this very room, frightened by the storm that was headed inland. The weather had changed so quickly, the storm gone as fast as it came. The winds were roaring, rain driving so hard it sounded like sand on the windows, and lightening none of which she’d ever seen before. Her beau Ashley was expected to be home from his voyage upon the Bearing Straight, after a 2 week trip overseas. But as the storm continued, unforgiving and relentless, she was frightened that his life was in danger, he might not make it home to her. And now here she was, preparing for their meeting in her favorite place, one she called “The Banks”. Greta had been a small girl when she and her family moved to Blair Mansion. The house was an awesome sight whether you approached by water or land, and Greta remembered well her first impression. The huge yard, sloping to the water, she vowed would be where she would spend her time, and named by her “The Banks”. The water lapped at the grassy slope, and the lighthouse beyond was a beautiful site. Oh there were beautiful gardens, a play area for children, and a pool that most little girls would love – but not Greta, she was drawn to the ocean. Greta spent hours tending to her dolls and having tea parties with friends at The Banks. Her mother encouraged her to participate in more social things, but she chose to spend her time there, watching the ships. The people on those ships fascinated her, and she made up stories about their lives. However, hours turned in to days, and days into years, hence today was upon her, and she was back to the present time, waiting for Ashley.
Would Ashley bring her flowers? She had only seen him 2 weeks ago, so why was she so nervous? Would today be the day her dream would come true and he would ask her hand in marriage? Oh how she had thought about that moment so many times. She hoped Ashley wasn’t so tired of the ocean after his return, that he wouldn’t notice the importance of where they were. Not her Ashley. He was always the one who knew what she was thinking, and why – sometimes before she did. The connection she had with Ashley was one that could only have been heaven sent, and of course he would bring her flowers! Now that she had thought of them – it was as good as done.
Last night, as she thought about this evening, she envisioned them walking along the edge of The Banks, hand in hand. He would lay his hat on his chair as would she,
and if she didn’t need her shawl, it would be laid aside. He would gently pull her to him, and whisper of his love in her ear. She would blush, probably get a little giddy, with the delight she would feel. They would talk about the ships that they could see, with Ashley explaining all about how it felt to be on those ships, and how exciting it is to see the port from the water.
Miss Greta had ordered Chef to set up a small table out on the Banks. She had asked him to use a red tablecloth, with a fringed white linen topper, and red linen napkins.

The family heirloom china with a rendition of the lighthouse would be perfect.
There would be the blue sea glass handled silverware
blue stemmed goblets,
and miniature light houses to decorate the table. The food this evening wasn’t important. She knew that Chef would come up with something that was perfect, and they wouldn’t know when they got done what they had even eaten, their time spend looking into each others eyes and enjoying each other’s company.

Greta knew in her heart that she wanted to spend her life just as it was these days, Ashley and her, hand in hand – heart in heart from now on. But was it to be? Come back again sometime and find out what happens!

P.S. This story is all a figment of my imagination. Hope you enjoy! I’m a frustrated writer, and think maybe this will help me get it out of my system! Ha!

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comments. I hope to continue this story, incorporating my other grand's, so come back again! for Vintage Thingie Thursday (the shawl was made for my Jr. Prom in 1971)(metal chairs found in the dumpster at the lake) for Thrifty Thursday (dishes were borrowed, and everything else was stuff I've had forever)


  1. Oh, my...what an amazing story..and your table and dishes.;....just beautiful.
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    ;-D Kathleen

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    HaPpY vInTaGe ThInGiE tHuRsDaY!


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