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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Before and After Party

Here's my lamp before

It's kinda been pieced together, but I have plans for that too someday!

Here's my lamp after!

I'm joining Debbie and her friends for a Before and After Party - come along!


  1. Holy Moly Sandi, who would thinking that is even close to being the same lamp! Love it you did a spectacular job. I am so happy you joined my party today....I am having so much fun bopping around looking at some awesome projects. I do hope you do the same:) Debbie

  2. So cute, so unusual!...Christine

  3. You really created a unique look! I'm not that good at coming up with clever ideas!

  4. A Unique style. Distinctive.

  5. I love what you did with this shade. I have a frame that I haven't been able to seem to do anything with, this is a great idea!! Thanks for stopping, I am glad I came over!


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