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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bird house dishes for Tablescape thursday

I was at Mom's this week, helping her out with a little "border hanging" project, and decided to use her dishes for this week's table.
Bird s&p's
This is a good time to bring out all the birds and nests we could find!

Daisy silverware from the local grocery store with "coupons" many years ago.

The dishes from an antique store - although they are not antiques.

White napkins were a gift from my sister, Susan.

Scattered a few more birds around the table.

There are 4 different salad/desertplates to chose from, there'sthe barn,

the church,
the House,
and the School House.
The dinner plate is plain with just the birdie border.
Each mug has one of each pattern on it.
Each glass has one of each pattern on it.

Thanks first of all to my Mom for letting me take photos and play dishes with her pretties! Thanks also to Susan for always graciously hosting Tablescape Thursday. Click on the below address to follow me over to see more.


  1. Cute! Love all of the different scenes-how fun!

  2. That is so pretty! I love those dishes with the different scenes!

  3. The china is just adorable. Love how you dressed up the table with other bird accents. It looks great!

  4. Oh, so cute!! I love those birdhouse plates and that each salad plate has a different house :)


  5. Thanks Sandi for letting me help with your post this week. love ya, mom

  6. The dishes are so fun! I love all the bird houses. I think it is wonderful you got to tablescape with your mom. I didn't get that chance since we lived so far apart. Even though I had so many of her things when she was still alive, now that mom is gone...using her things is so bittersweet. It made me smile to think of your mom being a part of your table setting.

  7. Love your tablescape. I have all of my Grandmama's birds, and I enjoy using them, too. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  8. What a sweet pattern! I love all the different bird houses on the various pieces of china. And glasses to match! Isn't it fun to play with someone else's dishes?

  9. the different patterns on the dishes and glasses.

  10. How cute, love the birds and the how you did the whole theme!

  11. Thanks for sharing this delightful setting...the bird theme is very appealing.

  12. Sandi, thanks for following along! I am a follower of yours and am always excited to see what you post :) Thanks!

  13. I am a bird lover and also love all things "birdish" I have a lot of bird houses, bird cages, etc. I love them, and I love your bird themed table.

    I think playing with my mother's dishes is my favorite kind of dish playing, don't you?

    This was great. It's taking me forever to get through all the wonderful tablescapes this week.
    So glad to visit here!!

  14. What a fun table. Those dishes are so cool, with the scenes on them.

  15. Your table is stunning! I love the birdhouse motif. You tie it all together so well. Thanks for the sweet comments you made on my post! I will defintely be adding your blog as one I will follow in the future. Fondly, Susie

  16. Well, how cute is this with all the little birds and houses on the china and crystal! I enjoyed seeing your mother's dishes!


  17. So sweet table, those dishes are very beautiful!

  18. What a cute china pattern -- I'm sure that your mom must have loved having your help and playing with her dishes.

  19. CUTE! CUTE! I just love the bird House china! You love playing with dishes! Me, too!

  20. Hi Sandi!! I kept trying to post a comment to you, and I could not get the box to show up. I kept going until I was able to type a comment here, so I hope you get it! Thanks so much for stopping by and entering the giveaway! I'm so glad to find your blog!!


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