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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tablescape Thursday and the winner of the giveaway!!!!

Far from being my last, I have another tablescape from Nell Hill's. I wish I were going to be in KC this weekend, they are having a tablescape extravaganza at Briarcliff/Nell Hills. It's a little pricey, but I'm sure it would be worth it!
This tablescape used natural branches and stems, cut from trees with fall leaves on them, as well as some artificial ones sold at Nell Hill's. They are placed in HUGE grecian pitchers, I think you can see the handles on the lower photos. Each setting was mismatched silver trays, set on top of a velvet bordered placemat in dark green.
There are large velvet leaves in the middle of the table, and the sliver of silver you see in the top right hand, is actually the tail of a silver pheasant. The square plates are offset for emphasis, and the delft blue plate thrown in for a little surprise. The cloche's were all the same height and added a lot to the feel.
I just loved this setting, although it kind of breaks several of our "rules" that we grew up with - the height of the centerpiece is DEFINITELY too tall to see anyone other than your direct neighbor to the right/left. Mismatch was the name of the game on this table, and some people are still in the matchy/matchy phase! This tablescape is actually at Garrity's NOT Nell Hill's, but it's still Nell Hill's - all the way!
I had 97 followers on October 31, 2009 - with 12 of them who got extra chances. That makes for 109 in the drawing. I had the kids chose a number between 0-110 and they chose 68! So looking at my followers list - that means Blondie at "Blondie's Journal" won the drawing! Wohoo! If I can get an address - then I'll be able to put this signed book in the mail this weekend, otherwise - I'll have to wait. Congratulations to Blondie, I wish I could have met you in Chicago when I was there! and thanks so much to all of you for your comments, kindness, and most of all - FOLLOWING me! The giveaway has been so much fun, I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have! As late as I am posting today, I'm sure you've already been to Susan's at, but if not - be sure and check out the other tablescapes.


  1. Stunning table setting, and a little over the top, but that is what makes it fun to look at.

  2. I love your table! It looks so elegant and special. Lovely blog too...I will be back!

  3. What a great table - to plush !
    Everyone keeps talking about that book - it must be good !

  4. Congrats to Blondie! I think this tablescape is really interesting. It is one of those that looks pretty, but wouldn't function all that well. I don't care about things matching, but I do go crazy when I can't see over the centerpiece!

  5. wow the table is a big smash hit, Love the individual clouches at each setting, sometimes I do that..It sure has that wow factor, I am always about breaking all the rules and going for the wowowowowoow

  6. I guess I'm the only one in blogland that doesn't know who Nell Hill is--sorry-- but she does good work

  7. Wonderful TT! Congrats to Blondie. She'll be thrilled. What a sweetie she is.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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