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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Show and Tell Friday and Pink Saturday

I have a doll that was one my Grandmother kept that I've posted before, but can't remember if I did it on Pink Saturday or not, so I'm going to post again. Sorry if it's a rerun for some of you! This doll had horrible hair when I got her, and one night I sat with a bottle of water, and permanent curling rods and curled it. My husband thought I'd lost my mind, but it sure looks better! She is wearing one of my dresses from my childhood that my Mom made. She was so good at taking cast off's and remaking them into beautiful dresses that I was so proud to wear. This one was one of my favorites. She is a "walking doll", and if you stand her up and hold her hand, she will (kinda) walk beside you.

The doll sits on my DD#2's bed down in her room, and totally freaks out a lot of people when they walk in the room! It's fun!

Mom did a great job of making this dress very special, by adding a bow at the waist, and a lace collar. The buttons add a special touch also.
I have a friend who's little girl outgrew the shoes, so she gave them to me! I think they go well with the lacey socks! I am joining the others on Friday for Show and Tell Friday, and on Saturday for Pink Saturday. You can find them at the below address posts:


  1. I remember my grandmother having a walking doll at her house for my little sister to play with. I'd forgotten all about that. You are lucky to still have her. I'm of the Chatty Cathy era and I almost bought one a few months ago at a sale...but, I talked myself out of it. Your mother did a beautiful job on the dress.


  2. She has been lovingly preserved and is a beauty! Happy Pink Saturday, Mollye

  3. My goodness, but she's been all prettied up. Thank you for sharing her with us. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  4. Hi there Sandi,
    Love dolls, love the pink! Happy Pink Saturday to you and enjoy your weekend.


  5. Oh, she is so sweet - and I love her dress and shoes! Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. She's a beautiful doll with her sweet clothes..and I think you did a great job with her hair. Happy Pinks and have a lovely weekend.

  7. I think I had a doll like this once... unfortunately... I enjoyed disecting my dolls back in the day!

    thanks for stopping by French Lique... I'm feeling like that old saying... "the hurrier I go the behinder I get"...

  8. I remember having a walking doll. I have no idea what ever happened to her. I think it's perfect that she is wearing one of your dresses, what a great memory of your mom, something to see everyday and filled with so much love, Happy Pink Saturday, Char


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