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Monday, March 23, 2009

Three or More Tuesday

Here's my "three of more". I guess this is just in time for Easter, but I leave them up year 'round. I have always loved eggs, and the first ones I'm showing are cloisenae' that I bought many years ago. The biggest one is 15" tall, the smaller ones are 6" tall each. They are very intricate and I just love to look at the detail.

These are my "Wizard of Oz" collectible eggs.
There are 6 of them, each depicting a differnent
scene from the movie. That will have to be my
"three or more of something" next time, because I have a LOT of Wizard of Oz stuff!

Here's the detail!

This egg below was given to me by my husband one year for valentines day. It is Swarski (I should have looked up how to spell it!) crystals.

I have another one that is very special. It is made from an very
large egg, but not large enough to be an ostrich, so I would guess
a goose maybe? It came from a friend in California one year for
Christmas, and I've always treasured it.

Thanks to for hosting me at my first "Three of More Tuesday"
Don't forget to check out many more things there!


  1. Love the egg collections. How fun to see the intricate detail, they are all so different and are so beautiful. Thanks for the peek,

  2. We are egg collectors too and I love your eggs! Love all the details...Christine

  3. Enjoyed seeing your nice egg & Wizard of Oz collection!

  4. Wow you really have quite a nice egg collection! I enjoyed seeing them. Happy 3 or more...

  5. What a gorgeous collection of eggs! It makes Easter a little more grand...

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Beautiful eggs. Such a unique collection.

  7. i love eggs, too! my hubby has several nativity eggs :)

  8. My goodness~what a collection of eggs you have! I can see why you leave the first three out. They look museum quality!

    I would love to see your Wizard of Oz collection someday. It would be like a child's fever dream!!


  9. Beautiful collections! Thanks for sharing them with us! :-) Susan


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