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Monday, March 2, 2009

Small things that mean so much

I have in my kitchen, two aprons that were made by my grandmother. These aprons would not probably be noticed by people who visit, they are hung on the bakers rack in the sunroom. They are not the most beautiful shade of green, but the handiwork is exceptional. My mom says that long ago when a girl was going to get married, handmade gifts were presented to anyone who helped with the wedding and these aprons were made for the women who were going to work in the kitchen at my parents wedding. I love to think of my grandma sitting and making these aprons in anticipation of the first wedding in their family. To think of the time and work that went in to these makes me admire her even more than I did before - and that's going some! I'll take a photo and post it sometime!

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  1. I think traditions like these are the ones that should be passed on. I think about the fact that I can't sew but wish I could as I would love to make one for Emma some day!


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