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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Everyone loves a bed

Did you ever think about your bed? Or should I say, do you ever STOP thinking about your bed? Everyone talks about their bed, several times a day. You hear people say they wish they were in bed, or they had trouble getting out of bed. When we are on vacation, we miss our bed. When we are in the hospital all we can think about is getting home to our bed. When you stay at someone else's house you always compare the bed you are in to YOUR bed. Someone is always trying to get you into bed (or out). You must always make your bed before you leave in the morning. It's important that your motel room maybe has double beds, or a king size bed. If you are having a bad day, it's because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or maybe got out of bed late. My bed seems to call my name some days......

The bed you sleep in says a lot about you as a person, or as a couple. We had a water bed for 30 years of our marriage. Now back in the day when we bought it, it was the popular thing to do, so it said we were up-to-date, "with it". We loved the water bed and for a long time it was us. It was not only "with it" but comfortable. All of our friends had water beds. Sleeping in a different bed when you have a water bed at home can wreak havoc with your back, believe me. A water bed could be difficult to get out of after you've had surgery, or was so good for your back that you didn't need surgery. (Depending on who you talk to.) There were water beds with baffles, and water beds that had waves so big that when one person got in, it threw the other person out the other side. The sheets were funky and when you tucked in one side, the other side came untucked.

Two years ago we got a new bed. It's a California King metal bed that is very pretty and was reasonably priced. The mattress is one with a pillow top, that literally swallows you when you lay down. What it says about us, is that we are more concerned about comfort and getting a good nights' rest than anything else. It says that we have changed our priorities, that maybe that we are getting older(?).

I personally LOVE my bed. It's where I do a lot of things. I talk to God every night before I go to sleep, snuggle Pa, (no kids, I won't say any more....), I read or watch TV once in awhile, I rest very well in my bed. I do always make my bed before I leave in the morning, and actually have heard it calling my name sometimes. Some people eat in bed, and spend more time there than they should. Some people even make a living in their bed. The bed is a very important part of our lives, and taken for granted. I took a picture of my bed the other morning. I believe if you listen real hard, you might even hear it calling my name.


  1. I love reading your blog. I can hear you saying each word to me as I read it. It is something that I look forward to each day. Hope that you keep it up!! Connie

  2. We do everything in our bed! Eat, snuggle, watch TV, relax, wrestle with the kids, fun kinky stuff :), and many many more things. I love my bed too.

  3. I loved reading this! I agree, beds rock!


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