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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vintage Thursday

This childs toy was given to DD#1 when she was 3, she loved it - and spent a lot of time taking her babies in and out. I was tickled that she nor her little sister ever got in it and broke the bottom or sides out - however tempted I'm sure they were!
It originally belonged to my step sister Kim. She was in High School, and no longer wanted it, so Dad and Lois reglued and fixed it up, Lois made linens for it, and gave it to Angie for Christmas. My Dad died the next Christmas, and we have always cherished something that he spent time working on for her.
Angie has no girls, and decided that she didn't need it kept for her anymore. We've had it in storage all this time. I pulled it out a couple of weeks ago and reglued it. My step sister Kim, just had her first Grandchild this past summer, and even if it's a boy, I'm SURE she's going to be tickled to get it back. I was tickled to give it to her.
I suppose technically, it's an illegal bed - it has that dropped side that is such a no-no these days. Good thing it's only big enough for dolls - hope none of them get hurt!

The little deer is SO cute! I remember when baby beds had this kind of sticker (?) on them.
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  1. What a great treasure you have kept for the next generation.

  2. It's truly a treasure for the family to share. So sweet and with so many sweet memories!

  3. HOw cute. It is a treasure, complete with memories of your dad and your babies playing. Yes, I remember real baby beds with that deer design on them.

  4. The little crib is adorable and your story behind it is priceless. I couldn't help notice your Adjust-O-Matic mannequin in the background:-)

  5. That is adorable. I would love to have something like that for dolls. I have a doll cradle my Dad made for my daughter and hopefully one day she will have a daughter to pass it on too. hugs, Linda

  6. This is so sweet...I believe we had one something like it when my sister and I were little...about 45 years ago.

  7. So cute and how nice it has been kept in the family and used by so many generations. Just what memories are made of.

  8. What a sweet story! I love the little doll bed and I'm sure it will be appreciated now that you've passed it along to the next generation. I'm looking forward to being a Grammy one of these years. My daughter just got married one year ago so maybe soon ...

  9. Hi...this is so cute. I'm so glad it was saved.
    My little girl (now in early 40's) had a little rocking cradle for her dolls...I saved it for HER girls. I hope they will save it for THEIRS. :))

    Not sure if I am a follower but will ck...if not, I will be RIGHT NOW. :)
    xo bj

  10. That deer is so precious. What a beautiful thing to pass through generations.

    I’m a follower now.


  11. What a precious memory to keep in the family. Oh, this is just so sweet. Makes me wish I would have had one and kept it!! Happy VTT


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