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Friday, November 25, 2011

Homemaker Link Up Weekend

As I sit here at the lake house, I have SO many things that I should be doing! We will have our Thanksgiving meal tomomorrow, but the cooking can't begin til later this afternoon. Now I know, it's like the WORST thing a blogger can do, but I don't have a camera here. I'm thinking about buying one to just leave here, cause I keep forgetting to bring mine. Oh well. I'm going to post a few photos of some of the changes I've made since we got here in June. Definitely Homemaker stuff!

When we bought this house, it had been owned by an elderly couple. I'm sure the 80's decor didn't bother them, but it is driving me CRAZY! Above, you will see the built in hutch/buffet in the (?) dining area. (The question mark is because I don't actually call a 6'x6' area a dining area, but that's what its supposed to be.) Anyway!.....They had added these shelves and when we viewed the house, it had a coffee mug collection on it. Oh dear..... I'm not into mirrors, at all - and my DH didn't want to try to take it down because it might make a mess of the wall, so ....

below is what I did.

I removed the shelves, made a black board out of the mirror, AND removed the fake stuff on the glass. The only down side is that I have to keep it nice and clean on the inside now, but I can handle that. I like it SO much better.

Thank you Sarah for starting a new fun meme! I'm linking up with Homemaker Linkup Weekend at the below address. Just click and GO!


  1. Nice transition. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Wow! Those photos look beautiful!

    Nice blog!

  3. I absolutely love the difference! I am now bipping over to this new meme. It sounds like a wonderful idea and way to stay focused and get inspired at the same time.


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