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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pink Saturday -- Mexico

Just had to use our first Mexican sunset from our balcony. We had a wonderful time staying at the Melia. Look it up on the net - it's awesome. We would highly recommend it. Hopefully I will be back into full time blogging again soon, I've called a professional organizer to help me get back on top of things. I have too many projects started, and can't get out of under it all. I had her come 4 years ago and did my master bedroom closet. Took all of the "thinking" out of getting ready for work every day - and I LOVE it. So, she's coming next week to take a look at my "office/sewing/JUNK" room. I can't wait! Until then, enjoy the pink posts. Oh yeah, be sure and check out this new blog I found today. I really like her photos, and well - just about everything about this blog. It's at: When you are through there -it will take awhile, please remember to visit the other pinkies at Bev's:


  1. Beautiful sunset, Sandi! Happy Pink Saturday and hope you're having a lovely weekend. I'm sure you are! *smile*


  2. Oh I wish you could send the organizer to me - I would need about a week!


  3. Excellent! I think professionals can ultimately save money and frustration! Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. That's a beautiful scene!
    Wonderful! Been there once too.
    Happy Pink Saturday.

  5. Beautiful - Happy late Pink Saturday!


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